Flipping the Script on Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy with Dr. Sinéad Dufour


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Show Notes

On today's podcast. I chat with Dr. Sinead Dufour about her work surrounding pregnancy related, pelvic girdle pain. And if that sounds complex, don't worry. All it means is pain in your pelvis during pregnancy or into the first year postpartum. We talk about the myth that relaxin is the cause of all of these pains in your pelvis and how we can better approach pain in general during pregnancy. So whether you're a clinician or currently pregnant and wanting to improve your pain. I know, you'll find this episode intriguing

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Sinéad’s #1 Tip:

“I want people to know that pregnancy related kind of aches and pains is very different than pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain. So it's important that people kind of understand that outta the gate. So that way if you self-identify yourself in this now umbrella of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, now where this, in this nociplastic pain, you can immediately understand you need to go to someone to get some guidance and some help. Ideally, someone who has some understanding and pain science. It doesn't even matter if they don't even live in your same country because most of this care can be delivered really well virtually. Sometimes you'll only need one or two consultations with a skilled person to be able to kind of figure things out and get on track.”

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Please remember that that what you hear on this podcast is not medical advice. but remember to always do your own research and talk to a trusted provider before makin

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