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Today’s guest is Musical Theatre singer, vocal coach, former American Idol Contestant and queen of riffing Natalie Weiss.

Natalie opens up about her recent experience with a vocal haemorrhage while working on an off-broadway show. She also chats with Beth about what she thinks makes a great voice and how she deals with the insecurity of working in the musical theatre industry.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

  • 01.26 - What is Natalie’s worst ever job?
  • 02.03 - What was Natalie Weiss’ journey into the arts?
  • 04.22 - How have nodules affected Natalie?
  • 05.41 - Why does Natalie prefer coaching to singing now?
  • 06.26 - What was Natalie’s American Idol experience?
  • 07.16 - Breaking down the riffs
  • 08.30 - Can anyone learn to riff?
  • 10.02 - What makes a great singer?
  • 10.21 - Natalie opens up about having a vocal haemorrhage
  • 11.31 - Quickfire round
  • 12.20 - Fun fact on Melisma
  • 14.13 - What is success to Natalie Weiss? Does she ever doubt herself?
  • 15.30 - Does Natalie read her Youtube comments?
  • 16.38 - What personality traits does Natalie think have been helpful to her in her coaching/singing?
  • 17.47 - What advice does Natalie have for anyone dealing with anxiety?
  • 19.48 - What type of voice or personality make the ideal student?
  • 21.20 - What does Natalie consider her greatest accomplishment?
  • 21.55 - Biggest challenge?
  • 23.00 - Can Natalie switch off her coaching brain when she goes to shows?
  • 23.30 - If Natalie could have a new quality or ability, what would it be?
  • 24.00 - Advice for people in the entertainment industry

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