17. The Ultimate Edge: Fixed vs, Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck (Part Two)


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If you’ve listened to The Unlimited Potential Show you’ve heard us talk about the importance of mindset and how it can make or break where you want to go in life. Today’s episode is the second in a two-part series going in-depth into which mindset is holding you back and what can slingshot you into success. If you haven’t listened to the first part yet, stop this now and check out our previous episode!

In this second episode, we talk about how you can start incorporating the growth mindset into your life, and how it can affect our kids, athletics, business, and even leadership. Listen in as we talk about the conversations we can have without kids to instill a growth mindset and how kindly telling them the truth can actually create more motivation and realistic expectations for the work they have put in.

You’ll learn about a study of Olympic swimmers that found not one of them was considered the best swimmer at their high schools and how being naturally talented doesn’t necessarily dictate how far you go. We talk about the importance of having a growth mindset in leadership and how you can spot a potential employee that has the same mindset within their work ethic. You’ll gain practical steps on how to overcome a fixed mindset and acknowledge the areas where you need growth.

Challenge brings growth, and can open opportunities, doors, and abilities you never knew you had!

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More Of What We Cover

  • Supporting kids with healthy mindsets as they grow
  • The danger of rewarding kids for outcomes instead of processes
  • Growth Mindset vs Tiger mom Mindset
  • The importance of Growth mindset in athletics
  • How the Growth mindset can change how you lead
  • The aspects of a good leader with a growth mindset
  • How you can hire someone who has a growth mindset
  • Stepping off the easy path to grow more
  • Changing language to change your mindset
  • How you can foster your growth mindset
  • Practical steps to get over a fixed mindset
  • And much more!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 A look into today’s show
  • 0:41 Don’t miss part one
  • 2:37 Parenting from a fixed mindset
  • 6:45 The value of teaching your kids kindness
  • 9:24 A practical example of a fixed vs growth mindset
  • 15:26 One of the best quotes from Gary Vee
  • 19:23 How to keep winning after the win
  • 24:49 Advice for innovators and creative thinkers
  • 28:04 How this coach models the growth mindset
  • 31:02 How the growth mindset vs the fixed mindset applies to leaders
  • 36:36 The results of choosing the easy vs hard path
  • 43:46 The comparison trap
  • 45:15 When do you notice your guard coming up?

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