Modern Art, The CIA and Fascism


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WARNING: This episode discusses some offensive and politically charged material. For people who would like to avoid the guess-work The Whole Rabbit, despite our bizarre sense of humor, is aligned strongly to the values of liberty and inclusion. We discuss how aesthetics is an important component of fascist movements which weaponizes beauty and cultural norms to commit violence against those who do not conform with its narrow ideas. If that sounds like too messy of a topic for you today we suggest maybe going to a jazz club, burlesque or museum near you.
Break out your canvas, hot dog water and some yellow paint made of mustard and possum tears because this week we are going deep into the world of Modern Art, the CIA’s involvement in proliferating it and what it all has to do with the evils of fascism.

On this episode we discuss:
-Origins of Modern Art
-Escape Rooms
-David Bowie’s on Fascism
-Thelema and Mainstream Religion
-The Importance of Cultural Diversity in Art
-Hip Hop
-Videogames and Abstraction
-The Aesthetics of Evil
-The “Degenerate Art” display
-The Great German Art Exhibition
-Adolf’s Art School Rejection
-A Clockwork Orange
-Laibach and Wendy Carlos
-How Fascism uses Aesthetic
-The Swastika

In the extended episode available at we discuss:
-Art movements in pre-Nazi Germany
-Piss Christ
-The Vietnam Wall
-Federal Building Mandates
-Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue
-CIA Modern Art Psyop
-My Little Pony Jar
-The Big Bad Wolf
-German Expressionism and Star Wars
-Disney Antisemitism
-Thanking France for the Statue of Lucifer

Special thanks to j4ckrabbit, Heka Astra for contributing exquisite research and notes which benefited the episode.
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Piss Christ

Why David Bowie can’t be on Twitter:

Big Bad Wolf:

Modern Art was CIA weapon:

Art in Nazi Germany:

Who’s Afraid of Red

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