#414: The Phrase that Confident People Use Most


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The Phrase that Confident People Use Most PODCAST #414 There's a powerful phrase that confident people use that will open doors of opportunity, unleash your courage and up-level your resilience. The phrase sounds flippant, and simple, but that's exactly why it's so powerful. In fact, this phrase will help you stay present - not in the past and not in the future - for that is where the power for your confidence is most accessible. Let's dive into the phrase that confident people use the most. In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we'll be talking about: The Phrase that Confident People Use MostHow to use it for yourself effectivelyInner self-talk to help you take action on anything, face any fear or rejection, and to build resilience REVIEW OF THE WEEK: God-fidence. 5-Stars, by kjenison Trish, your podcast is one that I listen to and immediately feel peace like a good therapy session. I am inspired to show up just as I am and take chances just hearing all the struggles and thoughts you have that mirror what I feel. Your vulnerability is inspiring! Thank yo ufor going first and revealing God through your words! THE 5 STAGES OF CONFIDENCE Be someone with clear priorities.Be someone who thinks powerful thoughts.Be someone who keeps their word to themselves.Be someone who is healthy and happy.Be someone growing and contributing. INVITATION: Look, if you want to like yourself, give yourself and edge of confidence by understanding where you are in the 5 Stages of Confidence. If you've never heard my coaching on this before, now's the time to jump in. I'm re-offering my 5-star rated webinar on How to Have More Confidence. In it you'll learn the 5 Stages of Confidence, the Confidence Formula, and how to get from one stage of confidence to the next. Sign up for free at www.trishblackwell.com/freeclass THE PHRASE CONFIDENT PEOPLE USE MOST "Well, anyways…" As one of the most powerful statements help you move forward and just keep going. What does it help? It helps you to…. -move on when you feel uncomfortable -accept rejection and move forward -let go of the past -not obsess about the future or outcome -be okay being radically yourself and not worrying about other people liking you It roots our feet to the present. Confidence thrives when we are radically present. Being present eliminates future self-doubt, overthinking, speculation and stories, some anxiety and fear of the unknown. It also releases control to God and puts us into a place where we trust that He's in control. HOW TO USE THE PHRASE EFFECTIVELY In Business: -I'm supposed to pivot and be creative with new things -Failure is feedback -I'm more proud of my effort than of the outcome -You never know unless you ask In Personal Life: -I'm growing, and am supposed to have hiccups -I release myself from beating myself up -I am okay being different -I'm committed to living my life with my heart all in INNER TALK FOR SELF-COACHING Inner self-talk to help you take action on anything, face any fear or rejection and to build resilience I can face anything, because I am okay with uncomfortable emotions.I will be able to manage and move on from anything unknown ahead.I am not the one "holding it all together" anyways - I trust that God is with me and that whatever is ahead will work out for my good. And so what if that happens / if they think that / if it doesn't work…. OTHER EPISODES YOU MIGHT ENJOY: #411: How to Speak up For Yourself with Confidence www.trishblackwell.com/411 #413: Forgiving Yourself for Self-Destructive Behavior www.trishblackwell.com/413 YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/trishblackwell JOIN US. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Did you know that confidence is simple? If you follow The Confidence Formula in the way we teach in the COC, then it's as easy as (1).

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