TSC Talks! Points of Light~Bryan M. Henry, Founder of Together We Ascend-"Connected to Love"


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In this episode titled "Connected to Love" I had the pleasure of interviewing Bryan M. Henry, Founder of Together We Ascend, an organization and community that is on the mission of assisting in collective ascension, and the co-creation of more harmonious and prosperous world for all. To this aim, Bryan and the Together We Ascend team is uniting and activating lightworkers through the Ascend Academy. Bryan also is Creator/Producer of "Awaken with Bryan Henry"~ a podcast.
Bryan is indeed connected to love and what he communicates in this podcast is just that as well as how we all are connected to love in the deepest and most complete of ways. Giving others an assist in rediscovering this conneciton is what Bryan is called to do. I got the chance to learn this first hand when I came across his Ascend Academy almost a year ago and booked my first session with Bryan. From there our connection grew, and I have been working with him for the last seven months. The recent intuitive podcasting workshop evolved out of our work together.
Here's one of Bryan's opening statements, "so I know that you you sent me a little bit of preliminary questions to kind of prepare myself but I feel like the best thing I could have done to prepare my pair myself was drop into here, and that chest region in that body to feel and rather than have some pre scripted answer. Sure what felt most inspiring in this moment. Perfect. That feels like today is the story of a guy that loves to serve, loves to be in service of others loves to contribute, loves to witness transformation take place before his eyes. I've over the course of my journey have come to my perspectives, my beliefs around what goes into living a joyous, filling and exciting life. And part of what that entails for me is being in service to something bigger than oneself. When I look back to all of my experiences, the accumulation of everything I've been through all of the best ones came from being connected to love and making it more about giving then getting. And the irony becomes when you find yourself centered in this space of wanting to give for you get to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from that. You begin to realize that the giving and receiving are ultimately the same thing."
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/bryanmhenry
Website: https://togetherweascend.com
Some time stamps~
1:20 Introduction/opening statements
5:15 being in the moment, giving space for what comes through
9:38 challenges to staying in the moment when podcasting
10:30 Jill gives some background on Bryan's recent move
12:47 Hard to believe I went through hard times
13:46 Bryan has had many experiences, both treacherous and benevolent-came to core belief, we are of love
15:59 In order to tap into this, there is a whole lot of stuff that needs released
17:15 devoting work to helping others discover this love within themselves and that there is always more room for a higher love
19:45 Let stuff come up in layers
20:40 To feel and face allows the light beneath to shine through
21:15 old patterns can creep back in
21:48 inner work is VITAL
22:15 the cliche is where all the gems and truths are :)
23:45 discussion of loss of community
25:45 Individuals take responsibility to create community
27:50 Living a dream life-Bryan's response to this
29:00 how are you creating community?
29:44 speaking to audience
31:35 Going through his own personal chaos
32:15 Adversity builds character
32:34 Partner's memory loss was extreme, darkest of the dark places, remember the power that we are!
33:37 Love is the answer, many believe we will always suffer
34:19 How can we find peace within the chaos, how can we find peace within?
36:16 It does get better for all of us
36:32 Bryan came to experience divine intelligence expressed through all things, this intelligence wants us to grow
37:58 Practices, what are they? balance between discipline and flow! Internally directed
40:05 Internally driven, my decisions come from internal references
-how important it becomes to attune to internal compass that we already have
41:33 We all have a different balance, changing sense of balance. Recognize there is no right way to be-what may be right for you at one point is not in another, check in
45:15 In the flow-find out what works for you! Stuff shared by others, learn from it, but go within
45:59 Meditation would benefit everyone~Bryan's fundamental practice-using meditation as a means to attune ourselves w/our own internal guidance system
48:02 Attuning to and aligning with that internal compass
49:59 If you are listening to highest self, probably not in comfort zone
51:16 So many variables, do not lean on external world
52:12 Bryan's "pitch" We all have purpose to serve and are here for a reason
54:49 We deserve what we want, we are so worthy
"bring higher awareness -we are infinite spiritual beings, but also we're human beings with desires"
57:24 Ascend Academy, space for community to come together and explore everything, Bryan loves finding people to come on and teach, and is stepping back into role as a teacher and leader
58:52 Bryan here to share/teach and give
Thank you for listening!!

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