Ep. 745 Why the Media is Ignoring the Waukesha Massacre!!!


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  • “The Washington Post went so far as to print the absurdity that the Waukesha ‘tragedy’, that’s the word they used, not carnage or racial murders or anything like that. No, that’s language reserved for Kyle Rittenhouse. They actually tweeted out that the Waukesha tragedy was caused, get this, by an SUV! My oh my, I guess it was an AI malfunction! Or cue up the movie Terminator, because now the machines are rising up! It was so absurd!”
  • “Miranda Devine of the NY Post notes that six people would be alive today if Milwaukee had not been hijacked by progressive prosecutors, particularly Milwaukee’s Democratic DA John Chisholm. Chisholm is the darling of the progressive movement who set the accused killer Darrell Brooks’ bail at just a $1,000 last week after he allegedly ran over his girlfriend with his SUV. These are the prosecutors who are refusing to jail looters, rioters, armed vandals, and the like all in the name of so-called social justice.”
  • “The good news in all of this is that the big cities really are dying as a result of these progressive policies, and as such, they’re losing their political power.”
  • “While the leftist mainstream media may be doing everything they can to ignore the societal rot that caused the murderous horror in Waukesha, citizens aren’t! They know what’s happening, and just like we saw a few weeks back with the elections in VA and NJ and Pennsylvania and the like, voters are ready to crush the progressive agenda once and for all.”


  • [02:03] How the media is ignoring the Waukesha massacre
  • [03:47] The reason why the leftist media is burying the story
  • [04:33] Why the Waukesha massacre happened
  • [08:27] How the urban cities are losing their power because of progressive policies


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