Ep. 746 GOP ‘22 LANDSLIDE ALERT As PATRIOTS Take Over Party!!!


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  • “The Republicans are poised to utterly obliterate the Democrats. And it’s not just the polls that are favoring the Republicans, there are polls coming out showing that the Democrats have literally imploded in support even among once rather faithful members of their own base.”
  • “We’ve been predicting this, this gap between the people and the political class was opening up so wide that the Democrats were basically going to fall into the abyss. More and more of their constituents were going to abandon them!”
  • “It turns out that as far as Democrats and neo-Con republicans are concerned, you can abdicate your constitutionally required responsibility to protect and enforce the southern border, that’s perfectly fine, but if you put a cartoonish parody of that insanity up on your Twitter account, well that’s inciting violence and you need to be publicly censored and stripped from your committee chair. That’s the insane world of our permanent political class!”
  • “This mass shift from blue to red is giving the America First pro-Trump Republicans like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene the confidence and the backbone to stand up to establishment Republicans like Kevin McCarthy in a way that simply didn’t exist back in 2010 or 2014. And what that backbone is inevitably going to do is it’s going to bend McCarthy to the pro-Trump America First Maga-based wing of the party, which is fast becoming the dominant wing, if not the super-dominant wing.”


  • [02:36] On the latest generic ballot polls showing a coming Republican landslide
  • [03:50] How supports for Democrats are imploding
  • [04:55] Why Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have the votes to become a speaker
  • [08:00] The major challenge to McCarthy and how the MAGA-based politics is taking over the entire nation


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