Noun plurals: cats, dogs, and horses


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This is a lesson about the pronunciation of some plurals in English, with a few numbers thrown in as a bonus. Listen:
I have one cat. Mary has two cats.
John only has one horse. I'm rich: I have (23) twenty-three horses.
Sam has one cow. Sally has three cows.
Listen to the pronunciation of the words as they go from singular to plural:
cat — cats
horse — horses
cow — cows
In each case the written plural is made by adding the letter "S" to the noun. But the pronunciation isn't as simple.
Listen again:
cat — cats (add an 's' sound)
cow — cows (add a 'z' sound)
horse — horses (add an 'uhz' sound)
Let's practice these starting with the 's' sound.
1. cup — cups
Paul had one cup of coffee. I drank twelve cups of coffee.
2. pot — pots
Mary made one pot of tea. I made seven pots of tea.
3. stack — stacks
Harold made one stack of paper. Jane made three stacks of paper.
4. book — books
John has one book. I have thirty-seven (37) books.
5. cake — cakes
Robert wants one big cake for his birthday. I want three huge cakes for my birthday.
Here are some more words that have the /s/ sound for the plural:
hat — hats. One hat, fifteen hats
lock — locks. One lock, forty-two (42) locks
minute — minutes. One minute, sixty (60) minutes
boat — boats. One boat, seventy-nine (79) boats
plant — plants. One plant, thirteen (13) plants
light — lights. One light, eleven (11) lights
Next let's practice with plurals that have the /z/ sound:
6. bird — birds.
I saw one bird. George saw nineteen (19) birds.
7. door — doors
She opened a door. Michael opened twenty-one (21) doors.
8. dog — dogs
I only have one dog. Charlie and his wife have nine dogs. They're crazy.
9. boy — boys, girl — girls
I saw a boy and a girl going for a walk. I saw at least twenty-five (25) boys and girls on the playground.
10. french fry — french fries
She nibbled on a french fry. I ate at least fifty (50) french fries, and now I feel sick.
Here are some more words with the /z/ sound in the plural:
worm — worms
bug — bugs
pig — pigs
plan — plans
plane — planes
car — cars
crater — craters
microphone — microphones
tube — tubes
guy — guys
sky — skies
ball — balls
Finally there are words where the plural is pronounced /IZ/
as in bush — bushes, or fix — fixes. Here are some examples:
11. gas — gases
Oxygen is a gas. Argon, neon, and xenon are three more gases.
12. wish — wishes
Sarah made a wish. Miriam made wishes every night.
13. canvas — canvases
The artist painted my portrait on a small canvas.
A different artist painted portraits of his girlfriend on canvases of every size and shape.

14. quiz — quizzes
Our English teacher gave us a pop [surprise] quiz this morning.
The math teacher liked to give quizzes every few days.
15. tax — taxes

Our town has a sales tax. There are lots of local, state, and federal taxes in the USA.
Here are some more words in this group:
witch — witches
church — churches
wrench — wrenches
crash — crashes
dish — dishes
marsh — marshes
stitch — stitches
I was home when some judges came to visit. They went into the kitchen and I heard some crashes. Then they came out. "We have to judge some witches," said the chief judge. "The ones who live in the marshes. We think they have been cursing the pigs, cows, horses, chickens, and dogs."
"Have you guys been sniffing any gases?" I asked. "Cause there are no witches around here. No marshes, either."
The judges left in a hurry

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