Bizarre Way Investors Get Bit With Their Pants Down


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You might have heard about this, but since reading this article last week on CNN, I've been scared to take a number two. It's a little personal to share that with you, but to think nothing can happen to you sitting on a toilet reading the paper isn't true after hearing this. So here's what happened. A man in Thailand was sitting on the toilet when all a sudden a python latched its fangs onto his penis. It makes me cringe just thinking the amount of pain that caused. The man is recovering, but a rescue worker on the scene with more than six years experience said that he's seen snakes in toilets before that have bitten people's leg or thigh, but never a penis. Talk about being unlucky. That reminds me of how investors get bit with their pants down with trading options. So many times you hear about services or systems that have a high winning percentage. For example, let's say 90% of the time. Which sounds good to most novice investors, but then there's the other side of the coin. The other 10% of the time when it doesn't work, it wipes out all their profits and much more. There's a few reasons why, but the biggest reason this happens is they've likely increased their position size due to greed and then BAMN! They get caught their pants down, helpless and with a hypothetical Python attached to their manhood. It's traumatizing and scars investors to the point they are scared to get back in. My mission is to rebuild those investors to become options trading machines by overcoming the two things I've learned over the last 12 years that most do wrong. I outline them in this book here: This book is the first step in the process of investing in yourself and getting back on the right road. However, the right knowledge and experience are invaluable, which is why I'm going to open a few spots up shortly for a year-long coaching program, where I will work with you one on one. Everyone will go through and application process, but this will allow me to have time to enjoy what I love, trading options while helping build you into the options trading machine you desire. To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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