Legalized Retirement Asset Robbery


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Imagine you're on vacation with the family. Everyone is all excited because you're heading west to see all the sights. All of a sudden, there's a cop behind you with its lights on. You pull over. The officer comes up to the car asking for your license, insurance and registration. He runs your information. The officer comes back and asks for you to step out of the car. He asks if you have any cash in the vehicle? You tell him $2,000.00. He tells you to put your hands on the hood so he can search you. Then he says those fatal words while grabbing your wrists; you're under arrest. You look over, and you can see your wife trying to calm the kids down at this point because they are crying. The officer tells you that he is going to seize all of the cash. You say that he can't do that. You need that for the vacation you're taking the kids on. He tells you that an ordinary family shouldn't have that kind of money traveling. The law is called civil asset forfeiture. It's a shady process that allows state and the federal government to seize your assets without having to be convicted of any crime. It's essentially legalized robbery because most people don't have enough money to hire a lawyer to challenge it. In fact, nearly 64 million in revenue was generated by Philadelphia with seizing homes, vehicles and cash. And it gets even crazier. Your property is guilty until you prove it innocent. Talk about an impossible feat, unless you can resurrect Johnny Cochran. It's not only making money, but it's also protecting it. It reminds me on how the financial industry and experts tell you to put money into a retirement account. You're limited to a few funds that will only underperform the market while they slowly syphon their fees for the next 30 years. And good luck trying to access that money in a desperate situation before you retire because it's like trying to break into Fort Knox. Once they get your money, they aren't letting it go. The world is a great place, but when it comes to money you have to protect it with your life. At least when you learn how to trade options successfully, you have control and protection from the money vampires out there. You have protection with your brokerage account, and it can't be seized under this law. If you're looking to learn how to trade options to generate income, then you're going to love what you learn in the book I wrote called: To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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