142 - Has every idea already been done?


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In online business, there’s this idea that if you don’t have an original idea you can’t succeed. We’d argue that ALL ideas are unoriginal at this point and that choosing to follow a well-worn idea is actually a GOOD THING.

You should 100% put your own twist and uniqueness into everything you do, but you may very well want to pick a crowded space, an “overdone” topic/idea, or create a product/service that lots of folks are already creating. The reason you want to go in this direction is there’s already a demand (aka paying customers) for what you’re building and that’s hugely important to achieving the goal of owning a profitable business.

Listen this week as we explore why original ideas aren’t that important, and we’d posit, are actually harder to pull off and take too much effort.

✈️ Our pramvel takes you through our week in Puglia, Italy! This week was truly a highlight week of our entire year of travels this year. We were absolutely surprised by how much we loved the bigger city of Bari and then made our way to the countryside to stay at a super unique hotel. After an amazing destination wedding with all the bells, whistles, and marching bands, we stayed at an Airbnb that truly knocked our socks off and was way more than we originally expected when booking.

🏨 Check out the DILMAN Hotel in Bari, Italy - https://g.page/dilmanbari

🍣 The suuuuper funky sushi place we ate at in Bari - https://g.page/hagakurenohsamba

🏨 Enjoy browsing the Vinilia Resort Hotel we stayed at - https://g.page/ViniliaWineResort


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