Almost Live - Part 2


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The Wyrd Mountain Gals Show Almost Live - Part2 Airs Sunday 11-27-22 7pm EST

Questions (summarized):

What is your knowledge concerning the Appalachian interconnected cave systems & their sigifigance concerning Appalachia traditions?

Do you have a tradition of removing warts?

What are your experiences with the Fey?

Are you part of the NPR Story Corps?

Alexander Carmichael - Carmina Gadelica -

From a Reddit thread about Jessica of Dune's transmutation of the Spice into the Water of Life: "A Reverend Mother must have complete control of her body. A much higher degree of control than the average basic Bene Gesserit training (which requires control of every individual muscle and vocal chord). A Reverend Mother is essentially poisoned and must alter the molecular structure of the poison so that she may live. This proves her ultimate control over the very molecules of her body and the by-product of nullifying the poison is a powerful prescient drug that gives her permanent access to her genetic memory. This is an interesting concept from a Chemistry point of view because organic molecules are incredibly complex and their nature can be drastically altered with a slight adjustment. Beyond that however, I don't think there is any serious chemistry to examine, its all pseudo-chemistry as you said."

NPR Story Corp -

East Kentucky Mutual Aid Society

Cornbread Communism

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