42. Antony Johnston Discusses Paradise Lost, Draconian Times


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Novelist, video game writer and musician Antony Johnston (The Coldest City, Resident Evil Village) not only introduced me to a band and album I’d never heard of, but also educated me on the subgenre of doom metal. Antony chose Paradise Lost’s Draconian Times as this week’s featured album. He also discussed his soon-to-be-published book and upcoming album, the similarities between the prog bands and metal bands he loves and the unusual circumstances by which he first listened to Draconian Times.

Antony mentioned his heavy metal podcast, Thrash It Out. You can find the episodes here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/thrash-it-out/id1008480723

He also made reference to his own musical project, Silencaeon. Take a moment and check out his Bandcamp page! https://silencaeon.bandcamp.com/

You can find Antony on both Twitter and Instagram at @AntonyJohnston. It’s a great way to find out about Antony’s various projects, but you can also learn more from his website, antonyjohnston.com.

Al is on Twitter at @almelchiorBB, and this show has accounts on Twitter and Instagram at @youmealbum. Be sure to follow @youmealbum to find out in advance about upcoming guests and featured albums for this podcast.

1:17 Antony joins the show

1:45 Antony explains what distinguishes doom metal from other metal subgenres

3:28 This is the second time Antony and Al have had a conversation about an album on a podcast

4:42 Antony talks about the projects he has been working on, including his soon-to-be-released book

9:40 Antony explains why he enjoys writing mysteries and thrillers

12:46 Antony likes how prog bands like Genesis and Marillion create a sense of drama

14:07 Hearing Black Sabbath was life-changing for Antony

16:17 A big part of Genesis’ appeal for Antony is how they tell stories in their songs

18:02 In his first exposure to Paradise Lost, Al was reminded of three other bands

20:02 Antony explains why he chose Draconian Times for this episode — and where it fits in the progression of Paradise Lost’s releases

25:32 Antony notes the influence that Draconian Times has had on other bands

26:30 Antony got to experience Draconian Times for his first listening in a unique setting

31:40 Antony explains what was novel about Paradise Lost among metal bands

Track-by-track breakdown

34:09 Enchantment

39:58 Hallowed Land

46:18 The Last Time

50:26 Forever Failure

56:19 Once Solemn

59:45 Shadowkings

1:06:18 Elusive Cure

1:12:04 Yearn for Change

1:15:32 Shades of God

1:19:05 Hands of Reason

1:21:02 I See Your Face

1:24:24 Jaded

1:29:51 Antony recommends some Paradise Lost albums to explore after this one

1:35:33 Paradise Lost has had several different drummers

Outro is from Place by Silencaeon.

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