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Calm Pills are ad-free soothing ambient albums, seamlessly mixed to help with relaxation, meditation, reading or deep sleep. Mostly consisting of instrumental ambient sounds, natural soundscapes and soft piano music, these mixes will help you completely relax your mind and body. Also available as online radio and through Alexa or Google smart speakers:
Chill Pills are ad-free uplifting chillout albums, seamlessly mixed to deliver a dose of happiness with every listen. Curated from wide variety of downtempo, vocal and instrumental chill out, lofi chillhop, lounge, modern classical and ambient sounds. Also available as online radio or through Alexa or Google smart speakers:


Podcast Ambientalidades

O Ambientalidades é o podcast do projeto Impacto Ambiental, da FAAC/Unesp Bauru. Nosso objetivo é produzir uma fonte de informação e debate agradável sobre temas ambientais para que possamos nos conectar com o público e a sociedade. Este foi um projeto experimental de conclusão de curso do aluno João Pedro Ferreira de Paula e após uma longa pausa o Ambientalidades está de volta! Não deixe de visitar o nosso site:
Ambient Meditations is Magnetic Magazine's ongoing series of lo-fi, ambient mixes designed for introspection, quiet walks, winding down, or meditation. The show includes original mixes by Magnetic's David Ireland and features a regular rotation of special guests. Guests range from neo-classical composers such as Nils Frahm to some of electronic music's finest producers such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Ferry Corsten, Mood II Swing and more.
I am the curator of the ambient / experimental genre. Mixes seamlessly mixed for a switch on and tune out experience. Please listen responsibly. Ambient Atomic Orbitals does not make any profit, nor do any of the episode contributors. We do not carry any advertising and never will. The episodes should be considered promotional samples for the artists' work contained within them. If you are one of those artists and are not happy about this situation, please contact us.
Ursula Burkert, Reisende und Radiomacherin aus Passion, hat sich der Kunst des Reisens verschrieben. Mit jeder Folge der "Ö1 Ambiente Reise-Shortcuts" lädt sie zu akustischen Entdeckungsfahrten ein. Ihr geht es darum, sich mit Verstand und allen Sinnen der Welt und ihren Bewohnern zu öffnen und sie ein Stück weit zu begreifen. Neben der Ferne ist auch die Nachbarschaft, aus einem etwas anderen Blickwinkel betrachtet, immer einen Ausflug wert. Denn Reisen ist ein bewährtes Mittel, um Ängste a ...
Here is a new season of "Ambientia" - Each episode we will explore the music of other Ambient artists - from pioneers to my personal favorites; from abstract to inspirational - this new season will cover it all. We are now taking off to Other Worlds!
The Ambient Soundbath Podcast was designed to give listeners a space for thinking and being. Whether listening with headphones or in the open air, the Ambient Soundbath Podcast aims to create a relaxing listening experience for meditation and sleep. The Ambient Soundbath Podcast features the music of a variety of artists and is produced and distributed by Matt Borghi.
Most of my music[s] are of the cinematic nature. If you need something, please contact me so we can partner on a project. I mix music as much for self-expression and keeping my mind sharp because it’s simply etched into My soul. Much Love!!So please enjoy!! Part of the Code5VGaming Crew! ASCAP #1088694896
A podcast about VUX and startups. ambiently is a startup focusing on voice user experience (VUX). Follow our journey as we experience the ups and downs of starting a new business. Podcasts will cover a wide range of topics from enrepreneurship to market positioning to VUX adoption - and more!
A weekly programme of ambient and atmospheric music from across the ages and around the world, heard on Australian public radio since 1989. Ultima Thule weaves a mix of ambient, trance, drone and chillout electronica, spacemusic, ancient, mediaeval and neoclassical creations, traditional and world music, soundtracks, cool jazz and impressionist soundworks into an exquisite, chatter-free 90-minute musical narrative.
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Welcome to your home away from home, your oasis of mental reset, and that place beyond the stars deep within the cosmic ocean of solace. This newly branded aural pool of euphoria ushers in 2022 and is one with special purpose and intention. By this title, your old boy Tonepoet is not telling you that you should dismiss your dreams, or that they are…
Sundriver - Pantha Rhei Stoneface & Terminal feat. Ava Kay - Free Time Pete Tong - Offshore Stoneface and Terminal with Ana Criado - One Heart (Album Mix) Solarstone feat Betsie Larkin - Indestructible Blugazer - Morning Dove Ln Sound Quelle - Chanunpa (Chillout Mix) Enviado Vida - Retinal Pathology (A Little Slower Mix) Pete Tong - With Every Hear…
Dark Ambient Atmospheres Ep71 - Experimental Electronic - Ethereal - Moody Dead Melodies & Beyond the Ghost - The Crossing Dahlia's Tear - The keeper of broken dreams and tattered spirits Elizabeth Fawn - Under Strange Skies Simon Scott - Under Crumbling Skies Brian Reitzel - Underture Northaunt - Until da…
📻 📷 To Chris, in celebration of his birthday, life, and legacy. He would have been 37 today (Jan 13). Less than a year ago, his passing was our rebirth. It imbued me, his sister and his family with a sense of duty to live out his legacy. The life that he could have had. The life he would hav…
📻 📷 “Deeper than any indigo sea Wider than the largest celestial galaxy Is the linking web which conjoins life Whether it be a couple Or two strangers separated by thousands of miles We are all connected in a universal way Discerned by all or none, we are still unified By a link impossible …
Kaleria is a new name in chillout and psybass music of St. Petersburg. Beautiful and sophisticated, not like an alien creature, she has an amazing musical flair and includes unique and beautiful compositions in her sets, collecting them in bizarre fantasy stories, combining progressive rhythmic sounds and ancient ethnic motives, paying special atte…
To celebrate the holiday season we have put together a mix of holiday classics remixed into short and sweet LoFi gems. So kick back by the lights, the tree, the glass of nog, the fire, or whatever makes you feel festive and soak up up some LoFi holiday vibes. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!…
На 99% инструментальный, на 100% дип. Чёткий быстрый темп для рабочего настроения, бега, или мелодичного покачивания головой. Почти всё - новинки прошлого года.320 kbps:…על ידי Kolt
Best of 2019Радиошоу выходит каждое первое воскресенье месяца на Frisky Radio CHILL -…The radio show airs every first Sunday of the month on Frisky Radio CHILL -…על ידי Ambient Around The World
Nesta edição do CBN Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade, Marco Bravo fala sobre a classe dos aracnídeos, como aranhas. O comentarista explica as características desses animais, o seu papel na cadeia alimentar e os cuidados que devemos ao seu deparar com algum deles. "A maioria das aranhas não é venenosa, sendo importante para a teia e cadeia alimentar…
Stumbleine - Bowery ID - ID ID - ID Vinc2 - Indian Summer Hammock - Turn Away and Return Eternall - Brilliance Eternall - A Million Starflakes ID - ID ID - ID ID - ID Owsey - And Then I Woke Up French For Rabbits - The Other Side (Stray Theories Remix) ID - ID Owsey - In Memory Of Fallen Starsעל ידי Alexander Gorshkov
Радиошоу выходит каждое первое воскресенье месяца на Frisky Radio CHILL -…The radio show airs every first Sunday of the month on Frisky Radio CHILL -…על ידי Ambient Around The World
Всем привет, друзья, с вами KostyaD и добро пожаловать на наш очередной эпизод 223 программы #ДРУГаЯRЕАЛьНОсть!Новогодние каникулы подходят к финишной прямой, еще раз всех вас поздравляю с новогодними праздниками и уже с прошедшим рождеством.Сегодня у нас легкий размеренный выпуск, который поможет собраться нам с новыми силами и мыслями на уже всту…
Dark Ambient Atmospheres Ep70 - Experimental - Avantgarde - Electronic - Ethereal Mix Architrav - Leinen Los Javier Navarrete - Una y Otra Vez Sabled Sun - This is where the world ends Abandoned Toys - Birthing of the Sun Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek - Underwater search Simon Scott - Under Crumbling Skies…
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