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This sermon explains why Jesus went through Samaria on his way to Galilee. Most Jews would bypass Samaria because of their hatred of the Samaritans. But Jesus had a divine appointment with a Samaritan woman who was the object of His love. Jesus' discussion with her about "living" water is explained.על ידי Bob Dennis
A group of disgruntled people seek a Savior in the wilderness. Finally he emerges but immediately he is confronted by a sick and evil world. How will the Savior fare against such forces- The past couple of years have been pretty bad in our times. What difference does Jesus' time on earth make in a world like this-…
David delights in God's revelation- -Oh, how I love Your law- It is my meditation all the day.- David tells us what he loves-the law of the Lord, God's instruction and direction. He tells us why he loves-because if the Lord's law, and reflects all the excellencies of his nature. He tells us how he loves-it shows not only in his embrace of the law, …
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