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Welcome to “Purpose with Mark Bertrang”, author in “Investments Don’t Hug; Embracing the Life Insurance Asset”. Mark visits with guests who share their life experiences, career knowledge and the gift of their personal wisdom & purpose. Knowledge may be Discovering your purpose may take a lifetime or it can come in a moment of enlightenment.
Are you in a place in your life were you are about to take the LEAP. start over, change your life. You feel it deep inside it´s time for change. I like to inspire you to GO for it. We only regret what we have not done. Check out my Inspiring talks- They are international entrepreneurs and they have taken the Leap started over with something more fulfilling.I hope they will inspire you to take the LEAP / Mikaela
The Bert Show

The Bert Show

Pionaire Podcasting

Making your mornings bearable with the best morning radio show around! We're real and we're funny, and we do it all authentically. Whether it's the entertainment news, listener drama or a peek into our own lives, we serve the laughs while bringing you into our world so you can take a break and escape yours. Check back daily for new episodes with Bert, Kristin, Moe & the entire Bert Show Cast! Be a part of the show: call us toll free at 1-855-BertShow or visit
Bert and TD

Bert and TD

Brendon Albert and Tony Delgrosso

Brendon Albert and Tony DelGrosso cohost this podcast on what's going on in sports around the country while giving extra focus to Philly sports. Got something you want to hear us cover? Shoot us a DM! @Bert_and_TD
Under varje veckoavsnitt på 10-15 minuter talar Daniel utan förbehåll om sina tidigare och senaste upplevelser, aktuella händelser, filmer och ger råd till lyssnare. Podcasten distribueras sedan mars 2019 via iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify och Castbox. Från och med december 2021 har podden över 10 följare. Ett avsnitt fick över 120 lyssningar, jag är inte säker på vad som hände där. DBAP-logga: Lisa Dahlin Musik: Andreas Lindgren och Marcus Antonsson
The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosts 'Conversations with change-makers'. Spotlighting the stories of innovators, social entrepreneurs, industry leaders, activists and more about the work they do, and what makes them tick. We find out how they keep the fire burning when it comes to tackling some of the most - to use a systems change term - wicked problems - facing the world today. We aim to appeal to people who are curious about solving social issues in the world ...
Wir leisten uns Gesellschaft | Wir, das sind: Berthold Vogel, Geschäftsführender Direktor des Soziologischen Forschungsinstituts Göttingen (SOFI) sowie Sprecher des Forschungsinstituts Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt (FGZ) am Standort Göttingen und Julia Kropf, Soziologin und freie Moderatorin. Wir leisten uns Gesellschaft im Gespräch über Fragen und Themen, die unsere Zeit bewegen. Wir leisten uns Gesellschaft | Das klingt selbstverständlich. Aber es klingt in diesen Zeiten auch nach Luxus ...
By harmonizing the four Gospels -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John -- we will study the life of Christ in chronological order, from the first utterances of the angels heralding His birth, to His crucifixion and resurrection. It is our sincere hope and expectation that as we immerse ourselves in Jesus' life and ministry, we will fall more deeply in love with Him, and become more and more like Him.
just a man who loves music. owner of deep love music in switzerland, touring around in clubs and host his monthly radioshow on switzerlands radio deep. released on: Glitterbox Recordings VIVa MUSiC klaus:elle Relikt White Whoyostro Go Deeva Records Little Helpers DPE Hive Audio Karussell Records RYM I Re:Fresh Your Mind Superordinate Dub Waves and others
Go to our blog The VADE-MECUM - Subscribe to: Bertrand Mariaux Avocats’ YouTube channel; & Podcast BERTRAND MARIAUX AVOCATS PODCAST - Connect with Bertrand on: LinkedIn @BertrandMariaux. Follow us on: LinkedIn @BertrandMariauxAvocats; Facebook @MariauxAvocats.
Die Podcasts von Bertelsmann versorgen Sie mit allen wichtigen Infos und Fakten zum Unternehmen, mit spannenden Gesprächen und mit Hintergrundgeschichten, die die Grundwerte des Konzerns – nämlich Kreativität und Unternehmertum – an den Beispielen erfolgreicher Menschen aus der Bertelsmann-Welt erlebbar machen. Der Kanal für alle Podcast-Serien der Bertelsmann-Unternehmenskommunikation: von Kreativen und Unternehmern, verrückten Zufällen und dem, was die vielfältigen Geschäfte von Europas gr ...
This is Pastor Jim, thanks for visiting my Steadfast Walk page. I pray that it is a blessing to you in your own walk with the Lord. The teachings posted on this page are a collection from my 10+ years as a Calvary Chapel Pastor. They are recordings from my time as an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Greeley (Greeley, CO), and as the Lead Pastor at Calvary Chapel Berthoud (Berthoud, CO).
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Go catch Chris at The Theater at MSG in NYC on September 23rd. Get tickets at Chris Distefano joins Tom Segura as a guest bear in Bert Kreischer’s place this week! Tom and Chris discuss, Chrissy’s new look, weight loss, the effects of social media, Chris’ new show “Super Maximum Retro Show”, and much more! Chris als…
Välkommen till säsong 2 av Daniel Bert Andersson Podcast. Från denna veckan tillkännager vi ett avsnitt varje lördag och för det främsta avsnittet pratar vi om bastu, och upptäckten jag nyligen gjorde; tvillingar vid bastun! Vem är dessa och vad är deras historia? Kom med mig för att ta reda på mer om dessa mystiska tuffa män. --- Send in a voice m…
(0:00) Zolak & Bertrand start the final hour resetting their thoughts on the Red Sox opening day loss to the Baltimore Orioles including the number of stolen bases. (9:47) The crew talk about the Celtics seemingly conceding the No. 1 seed to the Bucks as they are seemingly resting most of their starters against Utah tonight. (20:25) The guys discus…
(0:00) Zolak & Bertrand kick off the third hour discussing Bill Belichick’s future including Charlie Weis seeing Bill transitioning to being a GM only. (12:15) The guys take more of your calls on everything from the day so far including the Bruins and Bill Bleichick and the Patriots. (24:16) The crew talk about Jim Miller picking the Patriots to wi…
(0:00)Zolak &Bertrand start the second hour talking about the Bruins securing the President’s Trophy and home ice in the playoffs with last night's win over Columbus. (10:52) The crew go back and forth on the Celtics rout of the Milwaukee Bucks from last night and if this is the team we will see in the playoffs. (21:53) The guys take a temperature …
(0:00) Zolak & Bertrand open up the first hour talking about Corey Kluber’s abysmal start on Opening Day for the Red Sox while Tyler Milliken eats mac and cheese. (12:04) The guys talk about Rafael Devers’ strikeout on the pitch clock and the game still feeling slow despite the pitch clock. (24:20) The crew break down Red Sox President Sam Kennedy’…
Have you ever LIED to your parents about where you went on vacation?! We bribed one listener $500 to call up her parents to confess! How did they take it?! Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
Her roommate is doing ONE thing that is making her super uncomfortable...walking around in only her undies! She needs our help asking her to put some clothes on! It's #TextingTutor 👀 Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
You sent in your adorable Baby pics but only ONE Kiddo could be the Champ of Cuteness! Our #MunchkinMadness winner is 15 Month Year Old Baby Jalen! 🥰 Congrats & BIG thanks to Dunkin who have given $1,000 to this year’s winner! 💸🍩 Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
Her roommate is doing ONE thing that is making her super uncomfortable...walking around in only her undies! She needs our help asking her to put some clothes on! It's #TextingTutor 👀 Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
Are you ready for Q.997Atlanta's Girls Night Out? 🥂💃 Sign up now for a pair of tickets to #GNO and be a part of Abby's A-Team! 👯‍♀️ 🔥 🎟️ Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
How does adopting a systems lens lead to better, more sustained and systemic change? The answer is complex but getting more important in the world we live in today. In this episode of season 3 of the Just for a Change podcast powered by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship guest host, Kentse Radebe, has a conversation with c…
(0:00) Zolak & Bertrand start the final hour talking about the bets on the Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox. (9:41) The crew talk about the new MLB rules and the umpires as the MLB season isofficially underway. (23:50) Zo holds a baby at Lucky Strike and the guys talk about the one fan that showed up to buy a ticket for opening day at 2 AM. (37:06) Toda…
(0:00) Zolak & Bertrand kick off the third hour previewing the Celtics big game against the Bucks tonight in Milwaukee. (8:36) The guys take more of your calls and talk about Corey Kluber ahead of his debuttoday. (20:47) The crew talk about Jakobi Meyers speaking to Rich Eisen where he said that he wanted to stay in New England and talk about prior…
(0:00)Zolak &Bertrand start the second hour talking about the low ticket prices for Opening Day today and Zo talks about his 30 year old water heater that has never died. (10:17) The crew go back and forth with Milliken and T-Bone back in the studio and we take your calls. (21:28) The guys talk about everything surrounding proper smoking of meat. (…
(0:00) Zolak & Bertrand open up the first hour from Lucky Strike behind Fenway Park previewing Opening Day on a cold day in Boston. (12:20) The guys talk about Bill Belichick clarifying the “last 25 years” comment. (23:52) The crew preview what is in store for the Red Sox this season (33:29) Zo & Bertrand wrap up the first hour breaking down the Re…
She knew her Husband wasn't honest about where he really was when she left, but why was he lying about going to his PARENTS? We've got a #SteppingIntoPsycho Follow Up! Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
Should she fly all the way to DC for a booty call? First she needs to know if he's ACTUALLY single! We tested him, should we give her the green light? #WarOfTheRoses Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
Someone all the way in Suffolk, VA recognized Moe on his Uncle's T-shirt! It might have scared the *s* out of his Uncle but it sure made our day! + Over the weekend Romeo met a woman SO flirtatious he was in fear for his LIFE! He'll explain... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
It's getting heated in their house, and they need you to resolve their debate. One parent thinks it's ok to fill up their tank while the car is running, and the other says absolutely NOT. What do you say? Learn more about your ad choices. Visitעל ידי Pionaire Podcasting
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