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Learn to think biblically about everything! Teaching theology, apologetics, and verse-by-verse Bible studies. Mike Winger teaches with clarity, doesn't shy away from controversial topics, and always seeks to teach the Bible accurately. This podcast will equip you to know and defend the Christian faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.
All story, no religion, add vodka and stir. Bibleish is a comedic, tipsy podcast about the best-selling book of all time: the Bible. Lily grew up Catholic. Angela has never cracked open the Good Book. Neither of them are religious experts, so get ready to enjoy these stories in a brand new way.


Pastor Jesse Martinez

A weekly podcast dedicated to the clear teaching of God's Word. Bibleline aims to help people find Jesus Christ and train believers through the study of the Bible. We also answer your questions! Email with your Bible question. Catch new episodes with Pastor Jesse Martinez every Thursday! Bibleline is a ministry of Calvary Community Church in Tampa, Florida.
In The Bible in a Year podcast, Fr. Mike Schmitz walks you through the entire Bible in 365 episodes, providing commentary, reflection, and prayer along the way. Unlike any other Bible podcast, Ascension’s Bible in a Year podcast follows a reading plan inspired by The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, a ground-breaking approach to understanding salvation history developed by renowned Catholic Bible scholar Jeff Cavins. For each period in the timeline, Jeff will join Fr. Mike for a special episo ...
Hear the Bible presented to children through engaging and artful storytelling. These short episodes teach young children about Jesus and helps them apply the Gospel to their own lives. "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" Romans 10:17. May your children hear the Word through this podcast. Simply click play and enjoy listening during car rides or breakfast. Become a Paid Subscriber and enjoy listening Ad free by visiting:
Nick, Marc, and Ryan are three best friends that love the Bible and dad jokes. Join us as we walk you through the Bible book by book, stopping on the tough topics to discuss as well. You're going to get the context and content of each book of the Bible along with some terrible puns. Ding on Dingers!
Open the Bible is the teaching ministry of Pastor Colin Smith. Our mission is to use a broad array of modern media to help people around the world meet Jesus. We do this by opening the Bible for them, helping them open the Bible themselves, and equipping them to open the Bible with others.
Did you ever wonder why the Bible is hard to understand? What if God wrote the Bible in such a way as to hide a deep secret from Satan and his angels? Bible Mysteries unlocks the secrets in the Bible! Join Scott and John as they guide you through ancient mysteries that reveal much about what is going on in your world today. Join us to Unlock the Bible Now! You can learn more and find other resources at
One year. Every day. 365 days through the Bible in community with tens of thousands of others around the globe following the same quest. Hand crafted daily from the rolling hills of Tennessee, Nashville based author and speaker Brian Hardin is your guide on the adventure of a lifetime. Visit us on the web at A YEAR CHANGES EVERYTHING!
The Bible Project

The Bible Project

Pastor Jeremy R McCandless

Why not make Studying the Bible part of the rhythm of your daily life. The Bible Project daily Podcast is a 5 year plan to study through the entire Bible, both Old and New Testament, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Season one is a short overview of each of the sixty-six Books of the Bible. Season two launches our expositional journey through the whole Bible beginning with the book of Genesis. Season three will be commencing soon with our first in the New Testament foray, covering the Gos ...
***NEW SERIES BEGINS JANUARY 2, 2023 - We're going through the entire Bible, covering one book in one episode every weekday morning until we're done - Please set a reminder and invite a friend!*** Hey I'm Matt, and if you're interested in understanding the Bible better and you prefer your Christianity quick and punchy with a healthy side of humor, and an equally healthy side of me not telling you what to do, we're probably going to get along great. This is my podcast where we pick a book of ...
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Fr. Mike comments on the growing divide between Judaism and Christianity that Paul experiences on mission in Acts 21. In 2 Corinthians, Fr. Mike explains the difference between Godly grief that brings us to repentance, and worldly grief that leads us to destruction. We also learn about the importance of imitating the generosity of Christ. Today's r…
The Bible Project Podcast (Daily - Monday-Friday) This podcast was brought to you by the generosity of my backers on Patreon. The Lady Hewley Trust, Hilary Tulloh, Adeline Israel, Stefanie Eichenberg, Stephen Longton, Bob Clough, Valerie Sims, Lisa Look, Robert Holloway, The Creative Fund, John Van Mulligen, …
SHOW NOTES: - All the info you need to START is on our website! - Join our PATREON family for bonus perks! - Get your TBR merch - Show credits FROM TODAY’S PODCAST: - Article 1 of 3: Apostles Today? - Article 2 of 3: What is an Apostle? Do Apostles Really Exist? - Article 3 of 3: What is an Apostle? - Psalm 19:1 - John 3:19 - Video: Romans Overview…
Which is harder, creating NEW LIFE, or regenerating a DEAD HEART? The hearts of Ezekiel’s contemporaries were stony. They were dead in their sins and trespasses. They were spiritually flat-lining. So what did they need? The same thing we all need – regeneration. Click to learn more.על ידי Dr. Toby B. Holt
Show Notes: Are institutions such as governments truly that much more knowledgeable than we are (even if only in certain protected domains), or are they essentially in the same position as we are, give or take some hard data in hand? These include such categories as a hidden community of ETs/“gods,” possibly stranded here millennia ago à la Zechari…
In this episode of The Bible for Normal People, Joel Marcus breaks down the history and intricacies of how, when, and why the Christian religion broke away from Judaism, and how that turn toward independence shaped the New Testament. Show Notes → Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
1 Samuel 7 is about Samuel’s emergence as the nation of Israel’s spiritual and military leader (i.e., a judge). The contrast with the house of Eli is again palpable. The main focus of this emergence is a revival in Israel and the subsequent conflict with the Philistine where, after a long absence, God fights for Israel certifying Samuel’s status. T…
In the Bible, the army of Israel is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. How did the army come to be and how was it formed? Was there always a standing army? How were wars fought during Bible times? In this latest episode of Bible Backdrop, I look at how the Israelite military was formed from the very first battle in Genesis to the formati…
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