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Clear Bible teaching to help you understand the Word of God. From these Shores was birthed from a desire to spread the Word of God, stir hunger for understanding and stir a spirit of revival. I have been a Bible teacher and full time minister for over 24 years, teaching in churches and Bible Schools. My desire is to help people grow by understanding the Bible. In addition to these podcasts, I do weekly live online Bible studies via Facebook and YouTube. For more information: fromtheseshores. ...
This Bible teaching Podcast is a verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book expository teaching across the entire Bible, from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. This in-depth and, in context Bible teaching program will transform your life! Be ready, as your life will never be the same! New Episode Every Other Day @ 4PM (PST)
Experience God's abundance in your life! This show is dedicated to helping you learn how to step out by faith on God's word, the Bible. Learn the Bible at a deeper level, how to apply it in ways most Christian rarely think about, and watch God do amazing things in your life!
I'm a husband, father, inspirational speaker, podcaster, blogger, and Lead Pastor of Genesis Church, in York, Pennsylvania, where I live among farm animals and snack foods. I'm the author of A Call for Courage: Living With Power, Truth and Love In An Age of Intolerance and Fear (Thomas Nelson Publishers), and the soon to be released Courageous Life™ Motivational Planner. Both are available wherever books are sold. Send speaking, interview, and guest appearance inquiries to info@couragematter ...
Listen to podcasts from Grace Christian Church. Grace is an Irish Independent Christian Church, based in Cork City Ireland. Our focus is on a real relationship with the risen Jesus Christ, with contempory, life transforming teaching and preaching from Gods word - the Bible.
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In this session, learn how and why God called Joshua to succeed Moses as the person to lead the Second-generation Israelites into the Promised Land (Modern Day Israel). You will be blessed to learn how God encouraged Joshua to be strong for the task ahead, just as He is encouraging you today to proceed and fulfill His unique calling in your life - …
This is a continuation of our series on Identity -- "who are you in Christ?" In this episode on Romans 7:10-11 I uncover a fascinating truth about sin -- is it a "thing" or is it something we do? In other words, when we as Christians sin, what is the reason behind the sin? When we "battle with sin" and attempt to live righteously, what does that re…
In this session, Dr. Ruth discusses the significance of being always thankful, at all times, in accordance with Scripture, that teaches that as Christians, we should give thanks to God, regardless of our circumstances. Be blessed by this message - Happy Thanksgiving 2022!על ידי Dr. Ruth Tanyi
In this session, learn how Joshua was acknowledged in front of the entire assembly of the Nation of Israel, as the person to succeed Moses. Plus, God forewarned how the Israelites would abandon Him, yet He would stay faithful to His promises- learn more.על ידי Dr. Ruth Tanyi
In this session, Moses, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, renewed God’s Covenant with the Second-generation Israelites. Additionally, the notion of Free Will is discussed, as God has offered to each of us: Life or Death! Learn More.על ידי Dr. Ruth Tanyi
In this session, the blessings for obeying God’s Laws and the consequences of living in disobedience are explained, from God’s perspective! Today, as Christians, we have help from the Holy Spirit to help us to live in obedience- learn more.על ידי Dr. Ruth Tanyi
In this session, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Moses explained more of God’s Laws to the Second-Generation Israelites, and us, today! You will gain a deeper understanding about First-fruits and Tithes, from God’s perspective.על ידי Dr. Ruth Tanyi
Listen to God’s compassion echoed through these chapters, as He gave specific guidelines to the Israelites before they went to war against their enemies, the Pagan Nations in the Promised Land they were about to overcome. Today, God is still extending His compassion to you, as you fight against your enemy, Satan…
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