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An explanation of how, statistically speaking, High School Musical supporting actor Corbin Bleu is the third-most-important person in history. The story of an unethical 1970s experiment aimed at proving that humans are inherently violent, and how it ended up suggesting the opposite, much to the chagrin of the scientist who designed it. The hunt for the mysterious, racially ambiguous founder of the Nation of Islam. The surprisingly riveting hunt for a lost gay porno about Jesus. An investigat ...
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What comes to mind when someone mentions the Beach Boys? Hot rods, surfing, California girls? Perhaps, if you’re a bit of a music nerd, you’ll know that they made a more serious, innovative album too, 1966’s Pet Sounds, often considered one of the greatest albums of all time. But a lesser-known chapter of the Beach Boys’ story is just how weird the…
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