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Wir sind eine Gemeinschaft von Menschen, die der Glaube an Jesus Christus vereint. Unser größter Wunsch ist es, Jesus immer besser kennen zu lernen und Ihm immer ähnlicher zu werden. Dies geschieht in unseren Leben durch die verändernde Kraft des Heiligen Geistes. Die Calvary Chapel Siegen e.V. gehört der Deutschen Evangelischen Allianz an und zählt zu den überkonfessionellen Freikirchen. Mehr Infos unter oder auf Facebook und
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"Pride Goes Brfore . . . " Here is the NKJV scripture to go with the message! *** 1 Samuel 13:1-23 (printable) *** And the Blue Letter Bible version: *** 1 Samuel 13:1-23 (web) *** And the Notes!על ידי Dave Packard (Mike)
DEFIANCE: open resistance; bold disobedience. Faith: It's essence is trust in God's Word! Faith: It's essence is to act! For faith to be real it must do something! Defiance is not exclusively a dirty word! The defiance of a godly few can break the yoke of the ungodly many!על ידי Frank Ramseur
Luke was a physician, an historian, and a companion of Paul who wrote this Gospel (book of Good News) and also the book of Acts of the Apostles. He documented the upheaval in the Roman Empire as Luke writes to Theophilus to help the Roman understand what is happening. Luke was known for writing Truth, presenting it in a Trustworthy way, and using i…
Essentials for a Follower of Christ: The True Cost of Discipleship." (Part Two) with Pastor Michael Petit. Calvary Chapel Devine, Texas Podcast. Thank you for listening to Pastor Michael Petit from Calvary Chapel Devine, Texas. We hope you enjoy our podcast, Sunday and Wednesday Teachings. You can get more information from…
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