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Bob has 10 small sports questions for Matt and one BIG one about to consume the World Cup from a societal/morality standpoint. Matt also goes off on the Grey Cup and Bob has the greatest analogy comparing Bill Belichick to Charles Foster Kane,על ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
‘The Macko & Cauz Podcast’: Episode 259 The Pod is back after Bob’s bout with COVID which he goes into detail about. It’s a bad NFL year when there are more coaching successs stories than quarterback ones. From Matthew: “The Leafs are scallops and the Raptors are pizza.” Sponsored by @geoffpollockעל ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
On the Pod Bob gives a passioned take on why narrative is so important to our enjoyment of sport while Matt compares a critical scene in ‘Ghostbusters’ to the Aaron Judge 61st home run leading to the age-old steroid debate. Sponsored by @geoffpollockעל ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
On the latest Pod @BobMackowycz & @mcauz56 discuss condiments, Bob compares Petr Mrazek to Fenster from ‘The Usual Suspects’, Matt compares Dubas at the trade deadline to Han Solo and the problems with eating fancy fish. Sponsored by @geoffpollockעל ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
On the latest Podcast @BobMackowycz talks about his battle with ice (Bob loses) and @mcauz56 explains what is really to blame for the MLB lockout. Bob talks about what is going with him regarding Ukraine and Matt hates Dwane Casey. Sponsored by @geoffpollockעל ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
On the Podcast Matt gives a glowing review of the latest ‘Ghostbusters’ movie, Bob wonders if Sheldon Keefe is a sneaky grump and they discuss the most dangerous thing in sports broadcasting, playing Olympic highlights on air.. Sponsored by @geoffpollockעל ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
“The Marvel Universe is structured like the WWE” A cool comparison by Bob that’ll make sense when you hear the Pod. Meanwhile Matt compares Jack Campbell to enjoying Taco Bell while drunk. Plenty of Stanley Cup talk as well. Sponsored by @geoffpollockעל ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
On the Latest Pod @BobMackowycz & @mcauz56 pick through that Game One #Leafs to Montreal and the future of Masai Ujiri. Bob throws out some wine/NBA comparisons for Matt who makes an impassioned plea for Rheingau Riesling. Sponsored by @geoffpollockעל ידי 'The Macko & Cauz Podcast'
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