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Actor-producer Mark Feuerstein talks about Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant. The film—a throwback to spoof comedies of the ‘80s and ‘90s— follows Larry (Feuerstein), the world’s best flight attendant and winner of the esteemed Golden Coffee Pot award. When the airline he works for threatens to replace humans with robots, Larry must find a way to save his job.
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Veda Shook and the Future of AFA Veda Shook helped negotiate an industry-leading contract at Alaska Airlines, where she was MEC President. Now, as AFA’s President-Elect, she’s looking forward to helping Delta flight attendants do the same.על ידי World Class Delta Flight Attendants
Southwest Union Label Southwest Airlines, the nation’s most unionized carrier, succeeds by working cooperatively with its employees’ unions. Listen to Southwest founder Herb Kelleher and other senior management talk about the benefits that unions bring to the employee-employer relationship. The Flight Attendants at Southwest Airlines our represente…
Without A Union Delta Flight Attendants will begin to vote for representation this week. While the company paints a happy picture of a union free workplace where they take care of the employees, hear what some Flight Attendants think about working without a union.על ידי World Class Delta Flight Attendants
Dues Delta and Northwest merged to better position our airline for the future. When flight attendants pool our resources like our airlines did, we build a solid foundation that will flourish in good times and withstand industry challenges. Dues are our investment in each other.על ידי World Class Delta Flight Attendants
The New Delta Family Delta Air Lines used to be like a family, flight attendants recall, but it’s changed over the past several decades with a procession of new executives and management teams. Today, we have a chance to restore that sense of family at Delta.על ידי World Class Delta Flight Attendants
Truth and Consequences Delta executives always seem to be promising flight attendants the moon, although the reality of what we get is more like green cheese. Consider these comments by CEO Richard Anderson in a video message two years ago, with a reality check served up by Delta flight attendants.על ידי World Class Delta Flight Attendants
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