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Audio-drama based on a WWII diary written by Natalie Crouter during her internment in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines. Three weeks after the first bombings of the Philippines on December 8, 1941, Natalie, her family, and 500 civilians were marched at gunpoint to a deserted U.S. military post (Season One: 1941). Thus began their survival story of body and mind from 1942 to 1945. Under the watchful eyes of Japanese guards, the prisoners set up their own society while constantly scrou ...
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The Imperial Japanese Army has raised the Rising Sun flag over Baguio City Hall. Soldiers are freeing Japanese civilians and capturing Americans and Allies. At Brent School, the Crouters and other civilian prisoners are forced onto the school’s tennis court to hear relocation orders from a freed Japanese civilian standing on a table with a machine …
The invasion phase has begun. Nida leaves Baguio while the Crouters move to Brent School and wait for the enemy to arrive. During the turmoil, Ismael and Jerry have a heart-to-heart talk, and Natalie honors a vow. Support the showעל ידי Stories to Voice Productions
Eighty Japanese warships have reached Lingayen Gulf only 18 miles away! Natalie and Jerry watch their last source of income go up in smoke. Carl calls in the early morning to tell the Crouters that they have two hours to decide whether to stay or leave Baguio. Support the showעל ידי Stories to Voice Productions
The U.S. and Japan are at war and anything can happen. As bombings continue, the Crouters turn their radio’s dial hoping to hear news of help from the mainland. Jerry’s new air-raid shelter becomes a hub for exchanging news and rumors. Support the showעל ידי Stories to Voice Productions
Jerry and Natalie see the first bombing of the Philippines from their back door, but no one downtown seems to know about it. Soon the situation becomes all too real for everyone as the Japanese continue to bomb Baguio. Jerry hears disconcerting news about Clark Field. Support the showעל ידי Stories to Voice Productions
It’s December 1941, and the Philippines is in Japan’s crosshairs. They’ve invaded China, Korea, and French Indochina. Will the Philippines be next? If so, when? In the town of Baguio, nestled in the mountains on the Philippine Island of Luzon, Jerry and Natalie Crouter wait and watch along with everyone else, wondering what’s going to happen next. …
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