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========= "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Song" - in Major Languages Spoken in United Arab Emirates / كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، أغنية الإنجيل - باللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة " ========
====== "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - In Major Languages Spoken in Oman / "اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في عمان "كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "ترانيم الإنجيل ======
Jesus came from the glory as the light and life of men. In John’s Gospel we have a quite different Jesus portrayed than the one in Matthew, Mark and Luke. It’s his Jerusalem ministry that’s in focus and much subtlety is woven into the narrative as he journeys towards the cross which, here in John, is a place of victory. It is finished! Presented by Richard George, director of The Way of The Spirit. For more information go to www.thewayofthespirit.com
======== Major Languages Spoken in Syria / Zimanên sereke yên li Sûriyê têne axaftin / اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في سوريا ========
In this exciting and fast-moving narrative, K.P. Yohannan shares how God brought him from his remote Indian village to become the founder of Gospel for Asia. Drawing from fascinating true stories and eye-opening statistics, K.P. challenges Christians to examine and change their lifestyles in view of millions who have never heard the Gospel.
/ "كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "ترانيم الإنجيل" - اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في العراق ====== / Gotinên Jiyanê", "Nûçeyên Xweş", "Stranên Mizgînê" - Zimanên Mezin ên Li okenraqê Tê Tê axaftin" ======. Words of Life", "Good /News", "Gospel Songs" - Major Languages Spoken in Iraq"
/ "מילות חיים", "חדשות טובות", "שירי הבשורה" - עם שפות עיקריות המדוברות בישראל==== ===="كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "ترانيم الإنجيل" - مع اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في إسرائيل
"كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "الأغاني الإنجيلية" - اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في الكويت / "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - Major Languages Spoken in Kuwait
====== Words of Life, Good News, Gospel Song / Some Languages Spoken in Laos(Laotian, French, English, Mon-Khmer) / "ຖ້ອຍຄຳແຫ່ງຊີວິດ", "ຂ່າວດີ", "ຂ່າວປະເສີດເພງ" / ບາງຄົນພາສາຕ່າງໆ ເວົ້າໃນປະເທດລາວ(ປະເທດລາວ, ຝຣັ່ງ, ອັງກິດ, ມອນ-ຂະແມ )======
"masakkaiy aai behey hayaathu", "ran'galhu khabaru", "nasraanee lava" - badu bas vaahakadhekkun therey gai Dhivehi (Maldives) / "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - Major Languages Spoken in Maldives
"Ereyada Nolosha", "Warka wanaagsan", "Heesaha Injiilka" - Luqadaha waaweyn Af-soomaali kuhadlaya / " Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - Major Languages Spoken in Somali / "اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في الصومالية - "كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "ترانيم الإنجيل"
===== كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "الأغاني الإنجيلية" - أهم اللغات المستخدمة في المملكة العربية السعودية" // "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - Major Languages Spoken in Saudi Arabia =====
"Bishaaro Wanaagsan", "Heesaha Injiilka", "Ereyada Nolosha" - Luqadaha Ugu Muhiimsan ee Lagu Adeegsaday Soomaaliya / أخبار سارة" ، "ترانيم الإنجيل" ، "كلمات الحياة" - اللغات" الرئيسية المستخدمة في الصومال
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Daniel is a set of narratives about what happened when the Jewish exiles were taken out of a country in which there was a set of cultural institutions that supported the biblical God. They were taken into Babylon, which was a pluralistic society in which there were many gods and there were many moralities, all equally valid. The Israelites, who bel…
Romans 8:1-11. Humanity in the first century was in a mess. We see this in the Letter to the Romans. Being totally transparent, Paul journaled, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” That is a great question for humanity in the twenty-first century. Who will save us? As Paul wrote, we can confidently testify, “Thanks be to God…Jesus Christ …
Both the Old and New Testaments affirm that God blesses those who are generous with their resources. Some of these verses have become the basis for what is commonly called the "prosperity gospel." According to prosperity gospel teachers, it is God's will for believers to be financially prosperous and physically healthy, and this wealth and health c…
====== "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - In Major Languages Spoken in Oman / "اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في عمان "كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "ترانيم الإنجيل ======
الإمارات العربية المتحدة البلوشية - هذا نداء للمسيحيين للصلاة من أجل البلوش في الإمارات العربية المتحدة .[12]
The book of Daniel teaches us about the Israelites while in exile. After living for centuries in a culture in which the cultural institutions supported their belief in God, they found themselves in Babylon, which was a religiously pluralistic society. This big city had many gods and many moralities. This naturally created tension because the Israel…
We’re going to consider the question, “What does it mean to live the Christian life? How can we live it out?” The book of Daniel is a helpful place to go because it’s exilic literature, meaning it tells the stories of the Israelites when in exile. They were taken away from Israel and into a city that was hostile to God. As believers, we’re like Dan…
When God gave the Ten Commandments, the fourth command was that His people should “remember the Sabbath” and “keep it holy" (Exodus 20:8). God told the people of Israel that they should work for six days, but rest on the seventh. To this day, observant Jews worship on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. Because of this, some argue that Christian…
The sermon for today comes from Luke 4, and it is the last sermon in a broader series on the fruit of the Spirit and character change. The recurring question has been, “How can our hearts be changed?” Simply put, our hearts don’t change when we look at the law, but they change when we look at the lawgiver, who is Jesus. We now come to the last frui…
Today’s sermon comes from a series on the real character change that can happen in a person’s life. This is not just moral reformation that consists of merely obeying rules, but it begins with a deep change at the heart level. When we look at Jesus, the person and work of our savior, our hearts should melt and be transformed by him. This is real ch…
Today we’re going to look at the practice of forgiveness in the Christian life. First, what God calls us to do and secondly, how to get the power to do it. Forgiveness is not just one of the many biblical commands that we have to force ourselves to do, but forgiveness becomes genuine and real when there is a deep change at the heart level. We don’t…
Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Today’s sermon was preached by Dr. Keller in New York City on the Sunday after the attacks. As we pause this weekend to remember the lives lost and the many people who suffered from the events on September 11th, we pray that you draw hope and encouragement from today’s teaching. This sermon was preached by …
Chinese(Mandarin) - "Jesus: Teacher & Healer"3gp / 3gp."الصينية (الماندرين) - "يسوع: المعلم والمعالج
Chinese(Mandarin) - "Jesus: Lord & Saviour“.3gp / "االصينية (الماندرين) - "يسوع: رب ومخلص
Chinese(Mandarin) - "Good News".3gp / "الصينية المبسطة - "أخبار جيدة // 1:1 // 约 翰 福 音 John | 1:1 | | 太 初 有 道 , 道 与 神 同 在 , 道 就 是 神 。 1:2 | | 这 道 太 初 与 神 同 在 。 1:3 | | 万 物 是 借 着 他 造 的 。 凡 被 造 的 , 没 有 一 样 不 是 借 着 他 造 的 。 1:4 | | 生 命 在 他 里 头 。 这 生 命 就 是 人 的 光 。 1:5 | | 光 照 在 黑 暗 里 , 黑 暗 却 不 接 受 光 。 1:6 | | 有 一 个 人 , 是 从 神 那 里 差 来 的 , 名 叫 约 翰 。 1:7 | …
Chinese Mandarin - "The Two Roads".mp3 / "الماندرين الصينية - "الطريقان" .mp3
[13]. "Bitter Road" - Chinese Version.3gp
"The Most Beautiful Blessing in This Life"-"The Gift Of Knowing You".3gp / / 15:1 弟 兄 们 , 我 如 今 把 先 前 所 传 给 你 们 的 福 音 , 告 诉 你 们 知 道 , 这 福 音 你 们 也 领 受 了 , 又 靠 着 站 立 得 住 。15:2 并 且 你 们 若 不 是 徒 然 相 信 , 能 以 持 守 我 所 传 给 你 们 的 , 就 必 因 这 福 音 得 救 。15:3 我 当 日 所 领 受 又 传 给 你 们 的 , 第 一 , 就 是 基 督 照 圣 经 所 说 , 为 我 们 的 罪 死 了 。15:4 而 且 埋 葬 了 。 又 照 圣 经 所 说 , 第 三 天 复 …
宝贵十架 - ”一个珍贵的十字架".3gp / 3gp."الصليب الثمين -"صليب ثمين
[11]. "Who is God" - Pashto.mp3 / من هو الله" - الباشتو".mp3
Pashto Southern - "The Two Roads".mp3 / "الباشتو الجنوبية - "الطريقان.mp3 // د عیسی مسیح په هکله د یوحنا انجیل لومړی فصل د ژوندون کلام ۱په ازل کې کلام ؤ. کلام د خدای سره ؤ او کلام په خپله خدای ؤ، ۲په ازل کې کلام د خدای سره ؤ. ۳خدای ټول شیان د کلام په وسیله پیدا کړل او هېڅ شی بې له کلامه نه دی پیدا شوی. ۴کلام د ژوندون سرچینه وه او دې ژوندون انسانانو…
Baluchi Makrani(مَکرانی) - "Good News".3gp / "بلوشى مكراني(مَکرانی) - "أخبار جيدة
Baluchi Makrani(مَکرانی) - "Words of Life".3gp / "بلوشى مكراني(مَکرانی) - "كلمات الحياة
Baluchi Balochi Southern Makrani - "The Two Roads".mp3 / 3gp."بلوتشي بالوتشي الجنوبية مكراني - "الطريقان .mp3
Baluchi Rind(بلچي) - "Good News".3gp / 3gp."بلوچی رند - "أخبار سارة
Balochi Southern Rind - "The Two Roads" / mp3."بلوتشي بالوتشي الجنوبية رند - "الطريقان // یوهَنّا 1 گال انسان بوت1بُنگێجا، 1‏:1 بُنگێج، بزان بِندات، شُرو. چه اَزل، گال 1‏:1 گال، بزان هبر، کلمه، لَبز. هست‌اَت. گال گۆن هُدایا گۆن اَت و گال هُدائے جند اَت. 2چه اَزلا، گال گۆن هُدایا اَت. 3سجّهێن چیزّ چه گالا جۆڑ بوتنت و چه اے جۆڑ بوتگێنان، بے گالا هچ چ…
Balochi Singer Hafeez Baloch Left Muslim to Christianity.3gp / المغني البلوشي حفيظ بالوش ترك مسلما للمسيحية.
Pashto Southern - "Good News".3gp / 3gp."الباشتو الجنوبية - "أخبار سارة
Pashtu: Baluchi - "Words of Life".3gp / 3gp."الباشتو: البلوشي - "كلمات الحياة
Pashto Gospel Song - "Wow, Praise the Lord".3gp / 3gp."أغنية إنجيل الباشتو - "واو ، سبح الرب // د کورنتيانو په نوم د پولوس رسول اول خط پينځلسم باب د حضرت عيسىٰ مسيح بيا ژوندى کېدل ۱نو زما وروڼو او خوېندو، زۀ به اوس تاسو ته هغه زيرے درياد کړم چې ما تاسو ته درکړے وو، کوم چې تاسو قبول کړے وو او په کوم چې تاسو قائم هم يئ. ۲او د کوم په وسيله چې تاسو خلا…
Pashto Bible Song - "Yours Forever and Ever".3gp / "أغنية الكتاب المقدس الباشتو - "لك للأبد وإلى الأبد
Farsi(فارسی) - "Words of Life".3gp / 3gp."الفارسية (فارسی) - "كلمات الحياة
Persian(فارسی) - "Has the Bible Been Changed?".3gp / 3gp."الفارسية (فارسی) - "هل تم تغيير الكتاب المقدس؟
Farsi - "Good News".3gp / 3gp."الفارسية - "فارسی مژده
Persian Iranian - "The Two Roads".mp3 / "الفارسية الإيرانية - "الطريقان.mp3
Persian Bible Song -" We are His People".3gp / 3gp."أغنية الكتاب المقدس الفارسية -" نحن شعبه
Farsi Gospel Song - "Great Name of Jesus".3gp / 3gp."ترنيمة الإنجيل الفارسية - "اسم يسوع العظيم
[10]. Farsi Gospel Song - "I Opened My Heart to You Completely".3gp / 3gp."أغنية الإنجيل الفارسية - "فتحت قلبي لك تمامًا
Moral reformation is the main source in the world for many good things, like honesty, self-control and generosity. This kind of reformation enforces rules. One wants to obey out of self-interest or out of fear. On the other hand, spiritual transformation consists of a deeper heart change. When the heart changes, then one’s life, including actions a…
Urdu(اردو) - "Jesus: Lord & Saviour“.3gp / "الأردية (اردو) - "يسوع: رب ومخلص // ۱-کُرِنتھِیوں 15مسِیح کی قِیامت1اب اَے بھائِیو! مَیں تُمہیں وُہی خُوشخبری جتائے دیتا ہُوں جو پہلے دے چُکا ہُوں جِسے تُم نے قبُول بھی کر لِیا تھا اور جِس پر قائِم بھی ہو۔ 2اُسی کے وسِیلہ سے تُم کو نجات بھی مِلتی ہے بشرطیکہ وہ خُوشخبری جو مَیں نے تُمہیں دی تھی یاد رکھتے ہ…
Urdu(ارد) - "Jesus: Teacher & Healer".3gp / "الأردية (ارد) - "يسوع: المعلم والمعالج
Urdu - "God Made Us All".mp3 / "الأردية - "الله جعلنا كلنا.mp3
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