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We are living through history, but keeping up with the unending stream of revelations, statements, tweets, and disputes is already difficult enough. If we’re going to understand this inquiry–and this presidency–we need to slow down the news cycle long enough to separate the signal from the noise. Every Saturday, Ezra Klein will do just that – through deep conversations with Vox reporters and leading policy voices about what’s going on, why it matters, and where it leaves us now.
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Vox’s Andrew Prokop previews the historic second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. Law professor Alan Rozenshtein explains what the Justice Department can and cannot do to prosecute insurrectionists. Transcript at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Welcome to Weeds 2020! Every other Saturday Ezra and Matt will be exploring a wide range of topics related to the 2020 race. Since the Nevada caucuses, Bernie Sanders has become the clear frontrunner in the 2020 Democratic primary, spurring lots of debate over whether he could win in the general election. We discuss where the electability conversat…
Jill Lepore is a Harvard historian, a New Yorker contributor, the author of These Truths, and one of my favorite past guests on this show. But in this episode, the tables are turned: I’m in the hot seat, and Lepore has some questions. Hard ones. This is, easily, the toughest interview on my book so far. Lepore isn’t quibbling over my solutions or p…
From "The Daily 202" podcast: Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council aide who testified during the House impeachment hearings, will be informed by a political appointee at the White House in the coming days that he is being pushed out.על ידי The Washington Post
The Senate has said yes, the president can do that, regarding his conduct in Ukraine. So what does Trump’s acquittal mean for the powers of the presidency? On “Can He Do That?” editor Marc Fisher talks about the future of our country’s balance of power.על ידי The Washington Post
In a floor speech, Sen. Joe Manchin declined to announce his decision, but asked his colleagues to consider censuring Trump, a less severe rebuke than removal from office that few senators were willing to pursue.על ידי The Washington Post
From "The Daily 202" podcast: Sen. Susan Collins was the first of two Republicans to break with the president on any aspect of the impeachment trial by voting for witnesses, and she’s getting attacked for it from her right back home in Maine.על ידי The Washington Post
This episode, likely the final episode of this podcast, is a bit different: It’s a look not just at what happened this week, but at the deep lessons of impeachment, and the unresolved conflicts and contradictions we’re left with. Put simply, the Senate will acquit Donald Trump. But in refusing to even hear witnesses, they have convicted American po…
From "The Daily 202" podcast: President Trump’s legal team argued in the impeachment trial that presidents could do nearly anything so long as they believe their reelection is in the public interest.על ידי The Washington Post
From "The Daily 202" podcast: Congressional Republicans are pivoting hard to a new argument: the president’s actions are not impeachable, even if it turns out he did leverage his office for an investigation of a domestic rival.על ידי The Washington Post
On “Can He Do That?“, reporter Matt Zapotosky covers what an exchange between Bolton and Attorney General Barr might tell us about testing a Justice Department designed to maintain independence and how it may change the impeachment trial.על ידי The Washington Post
From "The Daily 202" podcast: sensational revelations from John Bolton threatened to upend the Senate impeachment trial Monday, increasing the chances that senators would vote to allow witnesses in a perilous development for the White House.על ידי The Washington Post
From "The Daily 202" podcast: John Bolton’s forthcoming book, “The Room Where It Happened,” is scheduled for publication March 17, but a White House review could attempt to delay its publication or block some of its contents.על ידי The Washington Post
The Senate trial is officially underway. What’s happened so far? How will the trial proceed from here on out? And will any Republicans defect? Vox’s Li Zhou has the answers. Then Andrew Prokop and I talk Mitch McConnell: who he is, what motivates him, how he amassed so much power, and what his actions reveal about the underlying forces driving Amer…
From "The Daily 202" podcast: in the impeachment trial, Democrats detailed their defense of Joe Biden’s actions regarding Ukraine in anticipation that it will be a major portion of the White House’s defense later this week.על ידי The Washington Post
Trump is fighting impeachment-related battles in both the Senate and the court system. His lawyers have conflicting strategies in each arena. On “Can He Do That?” Ann Marimow explains why these cases matter for the the future of presidential power.על ידי The Washington Post
From "The Daily 202" podcast: House Democrats charged with prosecuting the impeachment case against President Trump scaled back their fiery language yesterday following that scolding from Chief Justice John Roberts.על ידי The Washington Post
On “Can He Do That?“, economic policy reporter Jeff Stein answers key questions about what legal weight a decision from the GAO carries and how likely this ruling is to be considered by the Senate, as House Democrats and the Trump team make their cases.על ידי The Washington Post
This week, Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in to preside over the third presidential impeachment trial in US history. What happens next? What’s Mitch McConnell’s game plan? And who the hell is Lev Parnas? Andrew Prokop breaks it all down. Then, a Senate impeachment trial is one of the rarest and least understood events in American politics. Co…
On the “Can He Do That?” podcast, Congress reporter Rachael Bade offers insight into how the Senate trial process may get thrown off course, how new revelations factor into the trial, and whether the final outcome actually as inevitable as it seems.על ידי The Washington Post
From "The Daily 202" podcast: new materials released by House Democrats appear to show Ukraine’s top prosecutor offering one of Rudy Giuliani's associates damaging information related to Joe Biden.על ידי The Washington Post
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