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It's Taco Tuesday. Dr. Fauci and Rand Paul go at it again. Special guests on the show today: Thomas Renz, a great lawyer who is exposing the lies about the vaccine. Also on the show, Sherrif Mark Lamb talks about whether or not defunding the police is dead.על ידי Joe Pags
It's a Motown Monday. Special guests on the show today: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican from the great state of Georgia, is banned from Twitter. She and Mattt Gaetz are fighting for those who are still locked up after Jan 6. That plus former Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense Kash Patel and much more.…
It's a Free Speech Friday. What's really going on with Coronavirus in America? Dr. Brett Giroir will be on to talk about that. Ken Cuccinelli comes on to talk about the border and voting integrity, and Rudy Giuliani on Jan 6th.על ידי Joe Pags
The Left media and Left politicians are pushing Jan 6th, one day before the anniversary, as something it wasn't. We'll break that down. Special guests on the show: Kari Lake running for Governor of the great state of Arizona and Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxtonעל ידי Joe Pags
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