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Kate & Brian Monarch sit down w/ Rock Video Vixen, Model, Author, Actress, Host, and all around Hell-Raiser, Bobbie Brown . These stories get wild. Names are named. Celebrity Dicks are discussed. Don't sleep on this one!!!! NSFW!KATEQDEALS.COMKATEQFUNNY.RAGEON.COMעל ידי #DateFails w/ Kate Quigley
Transgender burlesque queen, actress, model, & star of STRUT, Cassandra Cass joins Kate to have an amazing convo about living and dating as a hot transgender diva!! If u want to be inspired, go listen. Cassandra Is Everything. Fearless. Kind. Honest. Open. Beautiful. The episode is educational, raw, hilarious, and important. ♥…
Sarah Fasha and Kate talk how depression can shift to gratitude in a moment , Synchronicity, revenge, friendship goals, & the only time it's acceptable to sleep with your ex’s pals. Instagram.com/sarahfashacbdlion.com CODE: KATEQbuffy.co CODE: datefailsעל ידי #DateFails w/ Kate Quigley
My longest pal Bronston Jones just started his very own podcast. I was one of his first guests, and he asked me all the really hard, deep questions i hate answering. THANKS BRON! you guys are gonna love it. Enjoy! follow his pod at @IyamPodעל ידי #DateFails w/ Kate Quigley
Kate is joined by comedian Sara Weinshenk (@PrincessShenk) & guest co-host @BrianMonarch to discuss obsession with Bono, making out with fake celebrities, smoking weed, psycho girlfriend moments, and trying to trap ants for science. It's a doozie.על ידי #DateFails w/ Kate Quigley
Comedian, Brian Monarch returns to discuss his recent #DateFails .Note From Kate:I don't know how it happened that we rapped. Feel free to skip to 20 minutes in to avoid the worst white people rapping you've ever heard. I used the words Nordstrom Rack in a rap battle. I'm forever ashamed. The rest of the pod is great. Enjoy!!GetQuip.com/datefails…
This episode is a 2 part-er. Part 2 happened before part one. Part one is a goodbye to the wonderful, warm, hilarious, positive man who was Steven Brody Stevens. Part two is visit from Aidan Park that happened days before part one. Kate had a major mysterious #Datefail. Kate & Aidan try to crack the case. Right when they are stumped, Kate's friend …
Kate's gay bestie is back. Aidan is still a whore. Kate wants to take Aidan into the wilderness to camp & experience life without dick. Aidan seems unsure, yet is clear on popping hemorrhoids, falling asleep during sex, and celebrating the downfall of Rod Stewart.על ידי #DateFails w/ Kate Quigley
Part 1: Kate finds a shaman, talks to herself, & misplaces her sex drive. Gives advice on rules of tickling, cheap dates, display of genitalia. Part 2: Swapcast: Festival of Friendship w/ Brody Stevens, Tait Fletcher, Eric Oligny, Speedweed Gino, and Annie Ledermangetquip.com/datefailsעל ידי #DateFails w/ Kate Quigley
This week's episode of #Datefails doubles as the pilot episode of my new podcast, Kate Quigley's misfit island. It will be available on all platforms in a few days. Currently avail on anchor.fm/kateqGet the anchor app if u want to be able to call into future episodes of the pod!A new episode of #DateFails will be up on Monday!Like many pilots, this…
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