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Goodnight Kiddo is a long time running radio program, telling bedtime stories for kids every night. | برنامۀ پُر‌سابقۀ رادیو ایران با قصّه‌گویی شبانه برای كودكان، با صدای خاطره‌انگیز بانوی قصّه‌گو، مریم نشیبا
這個頻道由在美國加州矽谷科技公司工作的軟體工程師 肯吉 Kenji 和資料科學家柯柯 Jessica 所創立,來自美國矽谷科技業第一手的經驗分享,我們會談到軟體開發、職涯發展、美國的生活以及科技公司的新聞和八卦!想要了解矽谷科技業最新趨勢的你,千萬不能錯過喔! 快到以下的社群平台追蹤我們吧! Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Medium:
Sometimes the very strategies meant to help children have the opposite effect. Join AEI’s Naomi Schaefer Riley and Ian Rowe as they look behind the headlines at the public policies and cultural agendas driving child welfare and education. Rowe and Riley bring to light practices that will make you ask, “Are you kidding me?”
If your kiddo or a kiddo you love has food allergy, then this is the podcast for you. Join me, Dr. Alice Hoyt, as we dive into all things food allergy. I'm a board-certified allergist and immunologist and I interview world-renown allergists as well as food allergy advocates and other food allergy families, just like yours. My goal? Answer your food allergy questions and provide you with strategies that you can then discuss with your allergist. I'll demystify this strange and often scary dise ...
You're Kidding, Right is a podcast by two junior doctors for everything you need to know about paediatrics (or "pediatrics" if you like more bang for your buck from letters). Each week we release an episode on key topics that will help you understand how our littlest patients work. Whether you're a junior doctor, medical student, nursing grad, general practice trainee or anyone who wants to learn the who, what, when, where and how of kids, we will do our very best to make your learning a lit ...
On this radio show I try to give advice or information based on my experiences in the Music industry, Sports & Fitness industry & Business world. I try to keep ya motivated, help you avoid any pitfalls & achieve your own success! Plus, I got some wild stories for ya too!
The creator and performer of the one-woman-show All Kidding Aside Christel Bartelse explores the world of motherhood from the stories of moms, step-moms, anti-moms, non moms and momsters. Twitter: @cbartelse
Jim Carrey's back in a big way! Or is he Mr. Pickles? Let's find out on Kidding! The dramedy and dichotomy of Mr Pickles on camera and private life will be guiding us through the show, and what better way to enjoy it than to talk about it weekly? With the KIDDING AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, our panelists discuss the newest episodes each week and break down their opinions on the plot points, predictions, and talk to special guests. Tune in each week for news and gossip and more! Subscribe, share ...
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Urticaria is a very common rash - it affects up to 25% of people in their lifetime. Although urticaria is most commonly associated amongst the population with allergies, in 50% of cases, a cause is not identified, and the most common cause of urticaria aside from being idiopathic is viral illnesses. Acute urticaria refers to urticaria that has last…
Tom Cruise can do just about any stunt hollywood writers come up with… but eating cake seems to be one of the hardest things Tom has done for a movie, and Rainn Wilson’s RV trip ended up costing him a lot more than he was planning on spending…על ידי YEA Networks
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