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There's a brand new series on Fun Kids! It's all about three school kids called Bobby, Chloe and Elisha and they've been set a pretty tricky homework assignment. Together they must write a song all about money! Throughout the series, they pick up LOADS of great tips on how best to look after money, how to save and how to be careful online when spending your pocket money!
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When you apply for a loan, what exactly do lenders look at? And how can you optimize your credit report before you ask for a loan. Michael B. Stowers gives us the inside scoop on how you can help yourself get the best deal on your next loan.על ידי Stowers Mortgage Team @ loanDepot
Is marriage good for your money? So the research shows, but how do couples achieve that success where others fail? Learn more in this week's episode of Home Economics.על ידי Stowers Mortgage Team @ loanDepot
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