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There is never enough NFL talk in this world! In this episode, guys talk more NFL. They keep it short and sweet and touch on many NFL and fantasy football topics coming out of week 2 and getting ready for week 3. One thing they are not happy about is CMC's injury!על ידי Ravi & Aravind
Phoenix Suns are in the Finals! It sounds like a dream, but Game 1 is here. Guys talk about what this run means to Suns fans and how we got here. They also preview the series and try to place both Chris Paul and this Suns team in context of the glorious Suns history.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
Phoenix Suns are in the Western Conference Finals! What a time to be talking NBA and the Suns. Guys discuss the present as well as some of the Suns' recent past in this episode. Time to celebrate as well as appreciate the journey that got the Suns here.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
The boys are delighted to be discussing the Phoenix Suns victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA playoffs. Now on to round 2 against the Denver Nuggets. Lets rank the remaining playoff contenders.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
The Phoenix Suns are down 1-2 to the Los Angeles Lakers and more importantly, Chris Paul is hurt. Guys get into how the Suns can handle the rest of the series and still come out on top. They also discuss the other matchups as the NBA playoffs are ramping up.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
Guys wrap up this rough 2020 with a sports year in review show. It was a year unlike any other and this Pod is the same way too. Guys touch on different topics and get into some interesting conversations on fantasy football, NFL playoffs, Miami Dolphins, etc. in addition to the 2020 retrospective.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
It's football season finally! NFL 2020 is here and the guys get into it after the season opener on Thursday. They get you ready for the weekend games as well with both their fantasy and reality takes. They also touch on a couple of interesting NBA bubble topics too.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
The country is dealing with another racial episode and the guys get in to those serious issues. They talk about the boycott in the NBA and other sports. They then take a detour to discuss Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the Indian cricket legends who recently retired. Last but not the least, they also touch on some NBA bubble and draft topics.…
Guys are still quarantined, but are staying on top of the sports World. In this episode, they get in to NFL QB carousal. They discuss if and when the games will restart. Of course, it's never too early to get in to fantasy football QB ranking.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
The guys get into NFL free agency and provide some much-needed distraction during the Coronavirus crisis. What an odd couple of weeks for all of us. Tom Brady has signed with Tampa Bay, DeAndre Hopkins is an Arizona Cardinal, and we are all quarantined indoors.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
In this episode, we reconnect after a short break with an in-depth look at the NBA finals and the exciting off-season. Will the Suns get Blake Griffin? Will the Celtics get Paul George? Will Chris Paul + James Harden workout for Houston? We finish it off with some cricket and our special pucca 5 items.…
In this episode, we look at what can be done to improve your team with just 2 playoff weeks left in fantasy football. We talk about Adrian Peterson's return and San Diego's back-field. We also get into the NBA and some other serious topics in our Pucca 5 items.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
We celebrate our 10th episode with some fantasy playoff tips, NBA discussion, and our usual pucca-5 items and other funnies. Pardon the slight echo in this episode as we try and iron out some technical difficulties with our new gear.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
We take a real close look at the RB pool as few things have changed and a few new names have emerged in the back fields across the NFL. Find out who you should own and count on for your fantasy success rest of the way. And of course our pucca 5 items as always.על ידי Ravi & Aravind
In the episode, we continue to worry about the Arizona Cardinals and also discuss the Carolina Panthers, two surprising 1-3 teams in the NFL. We also get into fantasy Add/Drops and share our thoughts on a few surprise elite players and what to do with them in trades. We finish it off with our pucca 5 takes as usual.…
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