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In this episode: We talk the New Pokemon Snap, and try to figure out if there could be a more boring tittle they could have come up with. We also talk having rich friends when we were kids and Rocco demonstrates a karate move that you have to see to believe. Check it out!על ידי Mega64 Inc.
This week we settle the great "Sink Story" battle and avoided all the new Resident Evil Village stuff. Also one of us saw the Ewok movie and another watched Promising Young Woman. But which one was nominated for an Oscar? And who did bad stuff to my kid in Heavy Rain? God I hope this podcast answers all this stuff.…
In this episode: He's back baby! What did bless us mortals with this time? And how do we think he see himself. Also, we show Derrick the massive lizard in a convivence store. Discuss what happened to the WWE Network and there is so much more in the episode we even included the kitchen sink. Check it out!…
In this episode: The Snyder Cut may have broken Derrick, plus Rocco watched Eric Andre's Bad Trip and lets us know what he thinks. We also get into conspiracy theories and think we have some ideas that "they" wont want you to hear. And is Marvel huge fans of our and keep putting Mega64 nods in their shows because they secretly want to work with us,…
n this episode: The Snyder cut is coming out and it's going to be great and not long and boring at all. Plus, Shawn got the second vaccine and came in with feeling light side effects to talk about it. Plus we get down to other riveting Mr. Bean conversation.על ידי Mega64 Inc.
We hit a podcast milestone AND released a big new Evangelion video... but enough about that, let's talk FITNESS! Okay, so we don't really do that until the end. But we do talk about Yakuza: Like A Dragon, the famous horror film series "Rocky," and which photoshoot does Mega64 regret the MOST?על ידי Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: How is it possible that Jared Leto as the Joker is still in the news?! We try to figure out how to get out of this Snyder nightmare. Also, what's the best Mr. Bean bit? Finally, we recap our Mega64 Olympic (Board) Games stream! Check it out!!על ידי Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Who cares about the Super Bowl?! There is a rumor that they are going to show a trailer for the Matrix 4! While we hold our breath for that, we talk everything from embarrassing zoom calls to eating so much you barf. games! Check it out!על ידי Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Our dear sweet Garrett is celebrating his birthday by talking about the Night Stalker documentary! We also talk about all the stuff we experienced at Church when we were kids and we announced our newest stream event Olympic (board) Games!!!! Check it out! Good times ahead.על ידי Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We try to figure out if we are attracted to the scary woman in the Resident Evil demo. We also go down memory lane and reminisce about AOL instant messenger. And your not going to believe this...but Garrett played Cyberpunk 2077 and this game might be broken. Check it out!על ידי Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Mega64 is BACK for a brand new year, and doing what they do best- taking a dump all over a DC movie! Oh, and talking about making all their new videos. You know, the Evangelion one, the Todd & Aaron one, and... oh yeah, the Christmas stream we didn’t do. Oh man, there’s a lot to catch up on. Let’s go!…
On this week's episode of Mega64antine, we have on special guest Justin Pearson from The Locust, Dead Cross, and Three One G records. We talk about cancelling tours at the beginning of the pandemic, the recent coup attempt, and we talk about staying focused on making art during the pandemic.על ידי Mega64 Inc.
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