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Please tune in to this episode as I get vulnerable about my experience with postpartum depression. As well as I share stories that I have heard from others. This is a topic that needs to be brought to light. So hopefully, you all can join in and think with me.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Michelle and I have a great conversation discussing her back story and why we are hungry as well as having a mindful eating habits. Let's be honest we may know someone who has a bad relationship with food. Or you may be the one with a bad relationship with food. This is something that we should really think about since our thoughts towards anything…
Amy and I discuss her book “The Hustle Free Business,” helping purpose-driven, conscious companies and founders scale without sacrifice, so they can grow their impact and revenue without giving up their non-negotiable free-time.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Michael and I discuss his new passion of transformational coaching and embodiment practices. Teaching me a thing or two about this need for evolvement. Hope you tune into this great conversation.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Kalpa and I discuss her personal story in surviving sexual abuse. And I get a little vulnerable telling her a personal story of my own. We have a great time sharing our own thoughts on perpetrators and the need to gain power back to the victims that are needing closure.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
ReGina and I discuss the beauty of our singleness season. With so many people who are single and frustrated wishing they were in a relationship. This is for you it's time to embrace your singleness and truly enjoy yourself.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Coach Lee and I discuss his journey in self discovery in being his most authentic self as a transman. Which helped him create healthy boundaries in finding himself and accepting who he wants around him. How the friendships he seek, accepted, and embraced has helped him grow and wants to share his perspective on this great topic.…
Georgann and I discuss in her perspective the difference between church and spirituality. A lot of people have a misunderstanding of the two. Which is why I think it's an important topic for myself and anyone else to really think about.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Marisa and I discuss how she is an empowerment coach & mentor. An author of a bestselling book “Magnify your magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire.” Which is a big reason why she is passionate to help other discover their authentic selves so that they can create a healthy, loving boundaries while being true to who …
J and I think about hypnosis and the positive effects it can have on us and the negative effects it can have too. It's interesting to think that someone can tap into someone else's subconscious to expose parts of one self that we really don't tap into.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
I talked about trauma and how it effects the body. But this time around Kathleen and I are going to be talking about the aftermath of trauma. The part where we really show ourselves and the world what we are made of. Kathleen and I discuss the obstacles she faced and how she was able to over come the trauma she thought she would never over. Tune in…
Dr. Katie and I discuss her desire to help people let go of their "waffles." What are waffles you may ask well I can tell you for sure it's not the yummy food you can get for breakfast. Waffles = Worries, Anxiety, Fear, Frustration, Lethargy, Exhaustion, and Stress.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Bob and I discuss his personal experience on terrorism and how he delt with the trauma that came from it. Also how he battled with cancer. Now he tries to share his story to inspire others to never give up on themselves.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about "Capabilities we have within ourselves." Ann and I discuss her journey into self healing. How she didn't allow her triumphs to stop her from continuing on living. She was literally able to shift her skull bones to achieve healing on a whole other level.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about “limiting beliefs and self-limitations.” Bri and I discuss limiting beliefs and how important it is to break those beliefs. Limitations is such an important topic to think about when it comes to self growth.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about "Giving yourself to Christ" Erik and I discuss his battle between living for himself and the world. Versus deciding to fully giving himself up to Christ. I know this conversation will truly get the wheels rolling if they aren't already making you think about it.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about “Unconscious mind” Dr. Angela and I discuss how taking our mind power back in our control is important. How she coaches inspirational individuals to escape human suffering and live in true fulfillment once and for all by taking the power of the Unconscious Mind into control.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about "lack of compassion in the health field." With Lois's 50+ years in the industry and my own 10+ years in the health field. We have experienced first hand this issue and now inviting you all to listen in so that we all can think about it together.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about "sacred intimacy." Sasha and I discuss how she relies on intersectional and feminist methodologies, archetypal psychology, performance art, shamanism, bodywork, sacred sexuality, tantra, psycho-spirituality and mysticism to help women heal and learn to reveal and embody their innate magnetism, by going to the core of their feeling…
Let's think about “letting go of your emotions.” Emmanuel and I discuss how he assisted human beings globally to overcome mental disorders, common challenges, achieve their goals, expand human awareness, maximize human potential, gain clarity on their mission and lead highly inspiring lives within all areas of life.…
Let's think about "Dementia" Carolyn and I discuss her new book "Walking with Fay." With her mother's experience with Dementia. It's a great topic for ones who may be dealing with someone with this Brain disease that people don't really talk about and/or understand.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about "going against the odds." Doug and I discuss how he was able to not only help himself live against the odds with a disability. But also to help prisoners who have been placed in stereotypes expected to never escape them.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
Let's think about "Trauma & The Body." Paula and I discuss how trauma affects the body, choosing to slow down and sense your body, listening to your body’s voice, and daring to actually love your body and prioritize it in your life, as part of your trauma-healing lifestyle.על ידי Mitzi Ocasio
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