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In this edition of NFWDH Mark and I sit down with D2 national champion, and the 2010 Nwca wrestler of the year Shane Valko. We drive right into Shane's story from a young age at Forest Hills to UPJ to coaching and mentoring his nephew Jackson Arrington. We also talk about his life after wrestling at his gym, and what the saying "silent victory" mea…
The boys are back and this week talking all things wrestling from a very poor Raw and a average Smackdown one week from WRESTLEMANIA. Connor and Aaron are heart broken over the breakup of The Hurt Business and Aaron expresses his opinion about the women's tag team division.על ידי The Near Falls Podcast
In this edition of NFWDH I sat down with wpial great Jarrod King! We got into the Connelsville program, his time at Oklahoma. Before ultimately transferring back home to Edinboro and winning a national. During all this time he had countless shoulder injuries/ surgeries. Sit back and enjoy this story of mental toughness and perseverance.…
The boys are back this week talking about their highlights of this weeks wrestling from Raw, NXT, AEW and Smackdown. They also express there opinions on dave Meltzers Wrestling awards and Aaron looks back on memories from one year ago from when "The Fiend" lost his title.על ידי Near Falls Podcast
The Boys are back and are looking ahead to WWE Elimination PPV. The boys express their opinions and share their predictions in whats going to go down in both Raw & Smackdown Chamber matches. What lies ahead for miz and will Sting be stung by Brian Cage ....CHECK IT OUT !!על ידי Near Falls Podcast
This week the boys talk about two very poor go home shows for Raw and Smackdown ahead of WWE TLC. Aaron gets angry over the possibility of Goldberg appearing and also how The Fiend is now MAGIC !! They look at the TLC card and give there predictions CHECK IT OUTעל ידי Near Falls Podcast
Sting is back on TNT and people actually care! Most do at least, Roman gets nasty with a chair and Aaron yawns into the mic a lot. While Connor has finally liked something to do with SlapJack. This is a week in wrestling! THIS IS THE NEAR FALLS PODCASTעל ידי The Near Falls Podcast
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