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A new analysis from the Environmental Working Group finds that taxpayers fronted nearly $40 billion in crop insurance premiums over a 20-year period. The advocacy group expects that number to increase as climate change worsens.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
Corn, soy, and wheat make up about 70% of Midwestern farmland. But as the planet heats up, scientists are developing new crops to replace them. Plants that can survive – and thrive – in a changing climate. There's one crop that some scientists and farmers think could be the grain of the future.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
Now that the primary election are over and the dust has settled, Nebraska Public Media News speaks with University of Nebraska Political Science Professor John Hobbing about how the gubernatorial contest ended and what it could mean for the future of Nebraska politics.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
National hospital week kicked off on May 8. The celebration aligns with National Nursing week, which started May 6. The theme for this year is “We Are Healthcare.” Nebraska’s hospitals are celebrating with different acts of appreciation for healthcare staff.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
Maureen Nickels is the only member of the State Board of Education who's not running again for her seat. She spoke with Nebraska Public Media's Jackie Ourada on how things on the Board have changed and offers advice for her successor.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
The candidates were asked to answer questions about what they’ve learned on the campaign trail and why they should be the next governor. The field of five was supposed to be six. One of the front runners, Jim Pillen, was scheduled to speak virtually, but, because of technical difficulties, Pillen was unable to address the bankers.…
The money came from settlements made by opioid manufacturers and distributors with the federal government. It will allocate part of the funds to Nebraska counties and cities. A larger portion - almost half of the money - will be sent to the six mental health regions in Nebraska.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
Doctors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center say the US could see a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases within the next few months. In a weekly update from UNMC's Dr. James Lawler, the global health researcher said he's monitoring a quick rise in omicron cases in South Africa.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
Lincoln City Council approved a housing development for about 500 homes near Wilderness Park in Lincoln, across from the only two Native American sweat lodges within the city. Now, a group of Native American community members set up a prayer camp on the approved land in protest.על ידי Nebraska Public Media
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