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Originally published in 1825 under the title: Sketches of New Brunswick : containing an account of the first settlement of the province, with a brief description of the country, climate, productions, inhabitants, government, rivers, towns, settlements, public institutions, trade, revenue, population, &c., by an inhabitant of the province. The value of this history is in the fact that it was written when the Province was still in its infancy. Although there had been a few small settlements es ...
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Next door to us, in Maine, just 2 months after the state lifted their mask recommendation they're bringing it back due to a spike in cases. Host Julia Wright speaks with Portland Press Herald staff writer Eric Russell about what's happening just south of our border.
The province's emergency order is expiring and that means no masks, no operational plans, no COVID-19 restrictions. Green Party leader David Coon says public health should have more power under existing legislation to act if there are more outbreaks.
Host Julia Wright heads to St. Martins on today's road trip. We meet Linda Copage and Kathi Dunphy, who call themselves communiteers. They are making the seaside village even more beautiful and welcoming, tag along to hear all about it.
Lawyers in NB are going to busy for the next few weeks answering questions like: Can my boss ask me if I'm vaccinated? Is it my right to keep working from home? Host Julia Wright speaks with Dan Leger, he specializes in employment and labor law at Pink-Larkin in Fredericton.
As of 11:59 p.m. this Friday, NB's mandatory order will be lifted. That means masks won't be required in public places. But if you aren't quite comfortable going maskless, you may wonder just how protected you are. We get some advice from Dr. Lisa Barrett, assistant professor in the division of infectious diseases at Dalhousie University's School o…
No longer having to abide by COVID protocols is a welcome change for the public, but it has also unmasked a host of issues, especially for businesses. We speak with Louis-Philippe Gautier of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business about the changes business operators will wake up to Saturday morning.…
Donald Soctomah is the Passamaquoddy Historic Preservation Officer. He gathers resources and information, protecting culturally significant sites and artifacts, and connects that knowledge to his community. He spoke with CBC Producer Myfanwy Davies.
A new exhibition featuring three real whale skeletons has opened in Ontario after months of delay because of the pandemic. Colleen speaks with the molecular technician who helped recover the right whale on display.
The cast and crew of an upcoming play about Irish immigrants in quarantine on Partridge Island had a chance to visit the site on the weekend. Kenzie Delo is one of the actors. Stephen Tobias is the executive director of the Atlantic Repertory Company they speak with host Julia Wright.
The Daken family will be allowed to see the medical records of 16-year-old Lexi Daken, but they will have to keep the contents secret. Lexi Daken took her own life in February after trying to get help.
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