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Canada’s worst shooting spree in modern history has left us with far more questions than answers. Journey inside every single hour of this tragedy as it happened with Global News Halifax reporter Sarah Ritchie. This 13-part true crime series will try to piece together exactly what happened and what could or should have been done to prevent it.
Joseph Howe (1804-1873) was one of Nova Scotia's greatest and best-loved politicians. He was instrumental in helping Nova Scotia become the first British colony to win responsible government in 1848. A Liberal, he fought against Canadian Confederation. This work highlights his life and causes. - Summary by TriciaG
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The 13 Hours team brings you an update on what’s happened since the series wrapped in April. A local magazine has been publishing leaked information that some say may have come from a source inside the RCMP. That includes audio of 911 calls made by some of the first victims of the killing spree, who told dispatchers that a man driving a police car …
There's been a lot of talk about mental health in sports after American gymnast Simone Biles pulled out of the Olympics this week. We speak with the mental performance consultant for our national women's artistic gymnastics team.
Next in our series of riding profiles ahead of the provincial election, reporter Tom Ayers takes us to Glace Bay-Dominion, where the candidates are all named John. He introduces us to the 3 candidates looking for your vote on August 17th.
In February, fire destroyed the Groovy Goat Farm and Soap Company in Ingonish. But it's been able to rebuild largely due to the community pitching in to help. Co-owner Ryan Costelo gives an update to reporter Brent Kelloway.
Some businesses have expressed concerns over Victoria County's new tipping fee for dropping solid waste at their waste facilities. The fees will be applied starting on August 30th. Robert Dauphinee, Director of Public Works for Victoria County, explains.
On this day -- July 28th -- back in 1755 the Acadians of Nova Scotia were expelled. On our regular Acadian column with Ronald Labelle, we hear about the expulsion on this anniversary of the event in Acadian history.
The NDP is making an election promise to consider buying and refurbishing Cape Breton's rail line. We hear from NDP Leader Gary Burrill, Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier M-L-A Kendra Coombes, and PC Party Leader Tim Houston, on the issue.
There is a lot of work happening in Cape Breton.Seasonal road work, construction of a new Marconi NSCC Campus, upgrades and expansions to local hospitals. The Cape Breton Partnership wants to build on these existing infrastructure projects to ensure businesses capitalize on the spin off and potential employees are connected to jobs.…
Beverley Isaacs, who lives in Owls Head, says a developer is buying up so many properties in her area that it's changing the community. Hear why she hopes her neighbour's house, now for sale, won't end up in the developer's hands.
The backyard beckons. Find out how you can help the planet by recording the plants, animals and insects on your property. The Nova Scotia program director for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Jaimee Dupont Morozoff, tells us how.
A Halifax woman who is blind says she's frustrated with the number of precariously placed construction signs around the city, some of which could cause injury to people with vision or mobility impairments.
For half a century Yogi Muise entertained crowds as a member of the Men of the Deeps. Muise is also remembered as a big, kind, and gentle man. He was well known for telling his fair share of stories but he was also known as one of the best listeners around. His son, Stephen Muise, and daughter-in-law, Jenn Sheppard, share memories.…
It takes a village! A Tatamagouche family who was struggling to find a place to live will have a home this winter, after members of their community rallied to build them a house in a matter of weeks. Hear their story.
Hear about a new provincial program to help people explore their options in jobs around sustainability and innovation. Rod Badcock, Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Innovation Hub, explains the program - "Careers in Sustainability" - offering opportunities for internships and work placements.
Vote early, and vote from anywhere. Elections Nova Scotia is trying to make it easier for people to cast their ballots in this election. Naomi Shelton, Director of Policy and Communications for Elections Nova Scotia, explains how eligible voters can vote from anywhere.
Town of Pictou mayor Jim Ryan has raised a number of concerns with Northern Pulp's $350M restart plan. We hear from two Northern Pulp representatives, about how the company plans to build back trust with Nova Scotians.
Reporter Erin Pottie finds out why one woman in North Sydney has taken it upon herself to test the water at her local beach, in hopes of getting the lifeguard service re-instated. Holly Kitamura would like Indian Beach water tested regularly, too. Paul D'Eon is the director of the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service.…
The Brook Village Bridge in Inverness County has closed for repairs until the end of August. We find out what that means for people who live in that area. Kate Campbell of Valley Mills, near Orangedale, travels the bridge each day on her way to work, and Andrew Thompson lives near the bridge in Brook Village.…
On our "Not So Tall Tales" summer column featuring stories from museums across the Island... we're off to Iona to hear a story straight from Scotland. Current Affairs correspondent Brittany Wentzell met up with Catherine Gillis, an animator at the Highland Village in Iona.
Reporter George Mortimer asks how COVID-19 is making it difficult for two youth centres in North Sydney to serve young people on the Northside. One could close in September if it doesn't get any more funding.
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