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This week, the group is back together!!! We have some laughs, talk some topics, and surprise, surprise! We get off the rails and just have some fun!! Harry tells us about a couple interesting encounters in the states. Please give it a listen, like, share, and subscribe!!! Please feel free to check out our YouTube channel as well!!!…
This week Chris, Dave, and myself talk about whether or not physical fitness tests in the military should be adjusted based on gender or age. we aren't allowed to say homeless anymore!?!?! Dead baby TikTok and more!! Please give it a listen, like, and subscribe!על ידי Bobby Readinger
This week, we have the whole gang together again and we talk about the economical impacts of military entering or leaving a community outside the US. We also talk a little bit about engineering. Give it a listen, like and share!!!!! Don't forget to subscribe!!!על ידי Bobby Readinger
This week, Dave and i are joined by Harry, Chris, and Mila. We have some laughs, but we also try and be a little serious and talk about things that most of us are going through, or have gone through. Check out Mila's Journey to Self, and Balltime and support our friends!!Please give us a like, share, and don't forget to subscribe!…
This week Dave, Chris, and I are joined by our friend Kim. Thanks to my oldest daughter, we launched a new logo for the podcast on all platforms! We open up and talk about some touchy topics! Give it a listen and please subscribe and share.This episode is also available in video form on YouTube!על ידי Bobby Readinger
This week Dave and I are joined by Chris. We end up talking about their time in the Army being stationed here in Germany and in Irak. We find out interesting things about the porto-potty situation over there, and how that links to their sweet methane memories........על ידי Bobby Readinger
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