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Matthew 24:36-44 Jesus tells a parable of two workers in a field. One will be taken and another left. Yes, this is a parable. It was never meant to be literal. It had a point that we would not know when the end was coming, but what does that mean for how we live right now.על ידי Eric
2 Thessalonians 3:6-13 In this letter the Thessalonians are exhorted to work quietly and never grow tired of doing what is right. It's easy to turn this reading into a lecture about individual responsibility, but something different was happening in Thessalonica.על ידי Eric
Luke 15:1-10 Jesus tells a parable about a lost sheep and a lost coin in today's reading. Luke's Gospel follows it up with a parable of a generous Father and a wayward son. Why might all of these be together? What might it say about how we apply these parables to our lives?על ידי Eric
Luke 14:25-33 When Jesus tells the crowd that the cost of discipleship will be their lives, he also tells them that this should be estimated before they decide to follow him. They have a choice not to do it. What does this say about how we function as a Church?על ידי Eric
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