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Today's Phone Tap victim is about to propose to his girlfriend and booked a last minute photographer...He's worried he got ripped off...That's why Digital Jake is posing as a pretentious Hollywood photog who not only has BETTER ideas for his proposal... But is using a voice changer to sound really intimidating!…
In today's Phone Tap, Brooke poses as the mother of a college graduate who just landed his first entry level position out of school.... And let's just say… She's not completely happy with the wage he's being paid.... And mama has some harsh words for the big boss...על ידי
In today's Phone Tap, we're calling a mom who's son recently got in a fight at school...We're following up about the incident, but he's not in trouble... In fact, Clover witnessed the whole thing...And he's got BIG PLANS for the little guy...על ידי
We thought nobody hated the city more than Brooke... Until we found today's Phone Tap victim! We're only going to make things worse when we call to let her know there's a new ordinance going into effect….Her driveway has been selected to be reserved for disabled parking only!על ידי
Today's Phone Tap Victim is a woman who's trying to fill an open sales position... She needs someone who's experienced, assertive, and direct...That's why the perfect person for the job is calling her to interview... His name is Timid Benjamin.על ידי
The only thing wore than dealing with a bad customer service agent is dealing with THREE of them, and that's what happens in today's Phone Tap. Jose is introducing three different characters to a guy who just wants help with his broken Roomba.על ידי
In today's Phone Tap, we're calling a woman who was recommended a new psychic....Brooke is ready to read her fortune, and while some psychics use crystal balls or tea leaves... Brooke uses a different, more unique medium to connect with the energy of the cosmos.על ידי
Today's Phone Tap victim just rented a place virtually, he's moving across the country into a place he's NEVER seen.. And now, he's about to find out somebody already kinda MOVED IN. Good thing our own Jose Boalnos is the apartment manager... Surely he'll make things right!על ידי
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