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The Duck Commander and his sons are unashamed of their Christian faith and want to share the Gospel with everyone, from new believers to longtime followers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, and their special guests go beyond the four walls of the church to share God's Word and study the Bible with you. So pour a glass of tea, and experience fun and inspiring stories of faith and family, straight from West Monroe, Louisiana.
The Nine Club is the show that has skaters talking. Each weekly episode hosted by Chris Roberts with co-hosts Jeron Wilson and Kelly Hart invite you into conversations with professional skateboarders, musicians, actors and artists that share a common passion for skateboarding. New Nine Club episodes every Monday at 12am (pst). New Nine Club Experience episodes every Wednesday at 9pm (pst). Live chat with us as the episode airs on our YouTube channel at 7pm (pst).
This biblically-based program with Pastor Robert will encourage and inspire your faith in the Lord. Visit for our latest series and resources. Pastor Robert Morris Ministries is a half-hour television program featuring insightful teaching from Pastor Robert Morris and dynamic worship with the Gateway Worship.
Using nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence, quantum physics,consciousness research, and ancient writings, we seek to understand who and what we are, how reality works, the nature of God, and the meaning and purpose of our lives. The truth is accessible to us now, and it is beyond-belief wonderful! Join us each week as we work together to better understand our one reality and gain insights into how we can make the most of the glorious eternal beings that we are.
Roberto Revilla is an award-winning bespoke tailor & owner of Roberto Revilla London, suit and shirt makers. Join Roberto for a weekly look at the latest in all things clothing, personal image, business, tech and design. Each episode Roberto will be joined by a special guest for a relaxed, informative chat about what clothing means to them as well as fascinating insights into their business lives.
Robert Emery is a conductor, pianist, composer and record producer. The Times called him 'the eccentric barefooted maestro' and the Mail quoted that 'the assured baton was controlled by the rather energetic and brilliant conductor'. In this show, he digs deep into the psyche of world-class performers, finding out how they went from zero to hero by delving into their path to stardom.
Nous proposons une émission branchée sur l’actualité musicale country folk, bluegrass et Américana francophone et anglophone. Nous souhaitons faire découvrir la scène de la relève québécoise, canadienne et américaine. Le ranch à Robert, c’est 1h de musique présenté en blocs thématiques.
Did you ever go to a comedy club and see the comics at the back table laughing hysterically? Did you ever wish you could hear what they were talking about? Hosted by Robert Kelly, the You Know What Dude podcast provides you a seat at that table as comedians new and old try to one up and out wit each other. Credits don’t matter here. No topics, no filter, a true comic hang. The You Know What Dude podcast with Robert Kelly... oh and it’s funny as hell. For advertising opportunities please emai ...
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Am 11. März 2011 löst ein Seebeben vor Japan eine riesige Flutwelle aus, die mit brachialer Wucht auf die Ostküste des Inselstaates trifft. Auch das Atomkraftwerk Fukushima Nummer 1 wird getroffen. Die Folge: eine Nuklearkatastrophe, die weltweit das Denken über Atomkraft verändern sollte.על ידי Deutschlandfunk Nova
How are you doing emotionally? Are you able to seek and cling to God's promises to sustain and energize you? I'm pausing my podcast series on Acts to devote a few episodes to explore some of the most precious promises God has given us in Scripture. Today we'll look at Psalm 106, which perfectly sets the stage for future episodes. We'll see how reme…
On this pop-up edition of "This Week in Economics with Robert Wenzel," Robert Wenzel, editor and publisher of, explains the hidden way unions really cause a decline in the standard of living for everyone.על ידי Robert Wenzel
What are you doing to stay sane in a world gone crazy? It’s a valid question and one that many people are asking themselves. It’s time to step up! While it can be hard to keep that smile on your face when the world around us has become so uncertain, it’s the most important thing we can do for those we care about. It’s time to step up! We need your …
Today Robert shares from Psalms 34:10. Scripture promises us that if we seek him we will lack nothing. For more Gateway Dallies like us on Facebook: Connect with Robert Murphy on Facebook: Subscribe to Robert Murphy on YouTube:…
This biblically-based program with Pastor Robert will encourage and inspire your faith in the Lord. Visit for our latest series and resources. Pastor Robert Morris from Pastor Robert Morris Ministriesעל ידי Pastor Robert Morris
"The one thing I couldn't live without is music - I'd go mad" - Right Said Fred Robert Emery talks to Fred and Richard Fairbrass, the brothers better know as Right Said Fred. They talks about selling 30 million albums, how they dealt with their massive success, their struggle with depression, and how on occasion, they like to live life to the max; …
Robert Stark and Matt Pegan talk to Portland based blogger BLAUERGEIST! about architecture, interior design, art, and cinema. Check out BLAUERGEIST! on Twitter, his podcast Ellroy Boys, and new web magazine Apocalypse Confidential. Topics: The #BathistGang: love of 80s bathroom aesthetics 20th Century interior design genres 80s malls, Robert and Ma…
Logan and Goose critique WWE Elimination Chamber and how it affects Wrestlemania, and discuss how WWE is mistreating its talent like Bo Dallas, Andrade, and Aleister Black. #WWE #EliminationChamber #Wrestlemania #TheMiz #BobbyLashley #DrewMcIntyre #BoDallas #Andrade #AleisterBlack #ZelinaVegaעל ידי Robert Scott
Friends, if the intention of an author is to convince people to read and think about what he’s written, the author of Sunday's first reading has done his job well. We hear the deeply troubling story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his own son, Isaac. How do we reconcile God’s love with his asking Abraham to kill his own son? How should we tak…
Pan @Komputronik_pl ma 23 urodziny. Są super promocje z tej okazji. Może Galaxy S20 FE za 1999 zł? Note 20 za 2749 zł? A może Watch gt2 classic za 499 zł? Są tanie smartwarche, smartfony ale tez te z wyższej półki. Zerknijcie jeśli czegoś szukacie.על ידי Robert Nawrowski
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