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After a soul soothing meal of Dr. Manhattan’s jambalaya a day full of pod shenanigans begins at the four player table. All your favorite Swampwalkers are in on this one, Cap'n Bender, Colby Brock, Dr. Manhattan, The Roman Empire, Buck Shot, Old Salt and a new friend...Pluto. Join us for casual EDH, Kaldheim SPOILERS, Kevin & the Bloodhound Gang and…
Things return to normal in the realm as the Lords of Houses Janna, Board Wipe, Bartizan, Humpty, Narcomoeba and Josh of Two Jerks & Some Guests set down to play some good old fashioned EDH. New decks, player politics and a whole lot of mill all on this week’s episode. Join us!
Join us as we play 5 way 60 casuals and Emperor Commander. Featuring House Salt, House Bartizan, the Roman Umpire, House Narcomoeba and House Jank also with Jason and Josh from “Two Guys & Some Guests”. This weeks episode sponsored by Bearded Browncoat’s new VIP Room, ask for Cindy.
Double commander pods and double podcast action this week. Join the Lords of Houses Bartizan, Jank, Moore, Nacromoeba, Salt and the Roman Empire as they go head to head. The second part of the episode Jason and Josh from Geek Culture’s “Two Guys and Some Guests” stop in for a two headed giant match with House Narcomoeba and the Roman Empire. There’…
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