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Jared Holt

SH!TPOST is a podcast from researcher and reporter Jared Holt at the intersection of politics, technology and internet culture. New episodes release bi-weekly. Supporters can read newsletters between episodes at
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Vandaag gaat Patrick Kicken, via Zoom, in gesprek met de geëmigreerde oprichter en drijvende kracht achter de website en podcast The Post Online. Eerder was Brussen o.a. columnist voor de Volkskrant en actief betrokken bij GeenStijl. Ook was hij een tijd te horen als columnist op NPO Radio 1.על ידי ThePostOnline
Claire Atkin is the co-founder of Check My Ads, an organization dedicated to boosting awareness of online advertising’s financing of hate and misinformation and working to drive change against it. She joins SH!TPOST to talk about the work her organization is doing, Dan Bongino’s targeting of her co-founder Nandini Jammi, and what a better future in…
Amanda Moore spent a year undercover within the grassroots of the post-election Trump movement and its various subcultures, attending events and integrating herself with pockets of true believers. All along the way, she recorded what she witnessed with a hidden microphone. She joins SH!TPOST this week to share her observations and takeaways from a …
Michael Hobbes is a writer and co-host of the podcast “Maintenance Phase.” You may also recognize his voice from the acclaimed podcast “You’re Wrong About.” He joins SH!TPOST to discuss the steady stream of stories and columns from national American media about the supposed rise of an “illiberal left”—something he argues to be a modern moral panic …
Vic Berger is an acclaimed video editor and satirist. He joins SH!TPOST to talk about his path into making his bizarre edits of American culture, the parody potential of the post-Trump years, and what he’s up to these days. This interview was a long time coming and we hope you enjoy! Vic’s Twitter: Vic's YouTube: ht…
Joe Mulhall is Head of Research at HOPE not hate and one of the UK's leading authorities on far-right extremism. He joins SH!TPOST for a chat about his latest book, “Drums in the Distance: Journeys in the Global Far Right.” In it, Joe provides an exhaustively researched accounting of far-right political movements around the world that he tastefully…
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