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D-Kusher, Redboy, 2-Gun, Roro, and Digga Jones conduct another installment of Talk Tuesday. What to do when your girlfriends work hubby shows you some shit? You caught your son doing WHAT?!? And more!!!! Join us inside!!!!
Mr. Rosser, Ro, Red, 2 Gun, and Digga tackle your Talk Tuesday discussion. Can you get taken back if you were cheating? What’s do you think the biggest misconception people have of you is? Favorite Fast Food Meal?! Join us inside. Countdown to 200
Redboy, 2 Gun Tony, and Digga Jones introduce Roro to the squad. It’s always good to have a female on the team. We answer your questions about Onlyfans, can lack of sex hurt the relationship, and Crossing Gaurd shoes?!?! Join us inside.
Mr. Rosser (Of the WWMR Podcast), 2 Gun Tony and Digga Jones tackle the Rittenhouse verdict, talk Young Dolph, speak on Thanksgiving and house hitting. And what went on with the Zac Stacy situation. Join us inside
Digga Jones and 2 Gun Tony introduce guests Rachel P and Ms. Nita to the podcast to answer questions that guys always wanted the answers to. Relationships? We got you. Want to know what the ladies are thinking…… join us inside to find out!!!!!
Double M, Redboy, 2 Gun Tony, & Digga Jones are back with another explosion of an episode with the 3rd installment of Talk Tuesday. Hear them answer questions about Travis Scott, Pornstars, Biggest Regrets, etc. This is the best one to date. Join us inside
Charlie Maveric, Radical Jack (X-Jack), 2 Gun Tony, and Digga Jones go to the question section to answer your relationship questions. There are no holds barred in this process and no feelings spared. And Alec Baldwin did WHAT?!?! Join us inside and find out why “We’re In Charge”…………
2 Gun Tony & Digga Jones introduce special guest host Charlie Maveric of the Mavcast Podcast, the Jesus Watch The Wheel Podcast, and others to their show. We talk about his ventures and get his insight on how he started podcasting. Then we address our last show…… the listeners had a lot to say, and apparently, so do we. Join us inside!!!!…
Special Guest Radical Jack, 2 Gun Tony, and Digga Jones talk about the legend or lack there of of the show known as Family Matters. We then discuss the allure of Florida Man, followed by the Guilty Pleasure Playlist 2.0. Come inside for a good time!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s true……Redboy’s Jersey is going into enshrinement at the TBHOF (Toxic Boy Hall Of Fame). Yoga and Digga tell their favorite stories of his adventures as the WGS and more. Then Renzo Mac joins us to tell us how his TBS is going and discusses the importance of rotation while trying to date. It’s a fun listen, join us inside…
Mike Will is back with 2 Gun, and Digga. We talk about the 2 year anniversary of the death of Nipsey Hussle, Quavo and Saweetie’s elevator ride, and discuss Lil Nas X’s new single. As well as discuss the video and the new shoes that go with it. Join us inside.
2 Gun and Digga are at it again!!! Listen to them discuss Verzuz, GFK vs. Raekwon. After, they discuss the saga going on with relationship therapist Derrick Jaxn. Digga discusses Job Corps stories, and we close it out with thanks yous and appreciation. Join us inside
2 Gun Tony & Digga introduce coach, barber, and community influence Mike Williams to the podcast. Find out what it’s like to coach a youth football team, his 5 favorite artists, and 5 favorite albums. Hear us discuss the Grammys and what we think about the Kirk Franklin incident. Join us inside!!!!
Drew (Arthur McArthur), Allen Lorenzo (executive producer of tonight’s episode), Red, Rey P, Yoga, and Digga discuss online dating. Seeing who’s been in a online relationship, who’s been catfished, and just discussing long distance relationships in general. Join us inside!!!!
Double M, Yoga, Red (The Triple M collective), & Digga discuss ghosting on both social media and in real life. Hear them discuss personal stories about ghosting while answering Digga’s IG story about the same subject. Also they discuss black action figures and Red makes a major announcement. Stay tuned and listen.…
Ms. Nita, Red, 2 Gun, and Digga discuss old Halloween memories, favorite and worst candies, the fair, amongst other fun factors regarding Halloween. Hear who was chasing Red, hear how Digga dropped the ball......... enjoy the show.
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