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We get an update form Dylan Mabin about the Raiders Training Camp + Nate talks to Grant about overcoming a devastating sports injury, becoming a sports psychologist, and how to use the Next One Up mindset to optimize your performance.על ידי Verified Athletics
Episode 11 is a little bit different. It features a solo recording of our Founder and former D1 football coach, Nate Slutzky giving recruiting process tips to parents and athletes and discussing his recruiting process when he was recruiting D1 football.על ידי Verified Athletics Podcast
Nate and Zack talk about how athletes can develop their mental performance, preparing for practice and games, how can coaches mentally prepare their athletes, identifying recruits with a winning mindset and more.על ידי Verified Athletics
Nate and Steve talk about the recruiting practices that make Steve one of the best recruiters in the country, characteristics college coaches look for in an athlete, what an athlete can do to stand out during recruiting, and more.על ידי Verified Athletics
Nate and Tim talk about coaching and recruiting at the D1 level, what athletes should be doing to make themselves better positioned during recruiting, benefits of prep and post-graduate schools, and more.על ידי Verified Athletics
Nate and Trey discuss Wisconsin Lutheran football and their recruiting practices, as well as Division 3 recruiting, player retention, Trey's personal recruiting experience as a player, what parents and athletes do wrong during the recruiting process and more.על ידי Verified Athletics
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