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The podcast which you are about to listen to is the account of two friends lost in the aisles of nostalgia's video store. It is all the more tragic that they could not consume enough coffee or booze to survive unscathed. But had they chosen to do something else with their lives, they would have continued to argue about something else anyway. The movies of their day to day lives were to lead to one of the most absurd podcasts in the annals of American History. Video Vampires.
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Birthed from the same Horror Jobs section of the newspaper comes the 1995 occupational horror The Ice Cream Man starring Clint Howard. In this episode the Video Vampires duo will pick it apart, scooping out the good and bad bits and presenting it to you in this podcast equivalent of a sugar cone!על ידי Video Vampires
The Video Vampires duo have another Stay-At-Home-A-Thon, this time during a time where staying at home is what everyone is doing! But have no fear because our duo programs a 6 movie program filled with teenagers going rabid, space vampires, the weird headspaces of serial killers, HP Lovecraft, a satanic chase film, and John Ritter!…
Comrades, it's our latest in our Horror Around The World series! This episode takes us into discussions about LA's Beyond Fest 2019 and Shudder's Creepshow series before we deep dive into the 1967 adaptation of Gogol's classic Viy! Flying coffins, dancing skeletons, oh my!על ידי Video Vampires
We're crossing continents in our Horror Around The World series. Now there are some great French films out there that would go on to inspire Billy Idol songs. Who can forget Godard's "Rebel Yell" or the Truffuat classic "Irritatingly Catchy Cover of Mony Mony" but I think it's safe to say that our favorite is Eyes Without A Face a.k.a. Les Yeux San…
It's our next stop around the world and this episode we're talking South Korean horror. Join us as we dive into Kim Ki-young's 1978 surreal horror drama A Woman Chasing A Killer Butterfly aka A Woman After A Killer Butterfly aka Killer Butterflyעל ידי Video Vampires
We're going International for our Around The World series and our first stop is in Japan. Home of Samurai demons, black haired ghost girls, and one of the craziest haunted house films you've ever seen. That's right, we start off strong and can only be talking about 1977 Hausu AKA House, a movie that defies description....but boy do we try.…
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