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Upaya Zen Center's Dharma Podcast

Upaya Zen Center's Dharma Podcast

Joan Halifax | Zen Buddhist Teacher Upaya Abbot

The Upaya Dharma Podcast features Wednesday evening Dharma Talks and recordings from Upaya’s diverse array of programs. Our podcasts exemplify Upaya’s focus on socially engaged Buddhism, including prison work, end-of-life care, serving the homeless, training in socially engaged practices, peace & nonviolence, compassionate care training, and delivering healthcare in the Himalayas.
Zencast é o podcast do Zenklub, maior plataforma de cuidado emocional do Brasil que oferece serviços e conteúdos de saúde emocional, bem-estar e desenvolvimento pessoal. Toda terça-feira a jornalista Izabella Camargo recebe um convidado diferente para conversas que vão te fazer pensar melhor, sentir melhor, decidir e assim, viver melhor.
Rinzan Pechovnik is the head priest and primary teacher at No-Rank Zendo, a Rinzai Zen Buddhist Community in Portland, Oregon. His Dharma talks explore various aspects of Rinzai Zen Buddhist practice, spirituality and religion. He emphasizes practice as a means to develop and cultivate a tender open-heartedness that allows a deep engagement with a troubled world. http://www.norankzendo.org
Impulspodcast für sensible Menschen 🌸 die mit mehr Zen-basierter Achtsamkeit zurück in ihre innere HerZen’s 💖 Kraft kommen wollen. Ich möchte euch einladen, mit mir gemeinsam auf dem Drahtseil zu tanzen, zwischen Überreizung und dem Zen-State-of-Mind- hin zum erfüllten authentischen „Sein“. Lasst uns alte Muster & Denkweisen hinterfragen und verändern, um die dahinterliegende „Realität“ und unser volles Potenzial zu erkennen. Ich freu mich gemeinsam, mit euch diesen intensiven Wachstumsproze ...


Marlous Lazal

Gesprekken over muziek, mystiek, zen en poëzie door radiomaker en zangeres Marlous Lazal. Jouw bescheiden donatie wordt zeer op prijs gesteld. Dat kan via https://petje.af/zenenzo Dankjewel.
Ordinary Mind Zendo's podcast will play Dharma talks from Zen teacher and psychoanalyst Barry Magid. Barry Magid is a Dharma heir of Charlotte Joko Beck. These talks address a psychologically minded Zen practice adapted to the needs of American students practicing in the context of their everyday lives. Though much of the material here is specific to Zen practice, non Zen folk will find it interesting as well, as it addresses issues of our shared humanity. New episodes will generally be uplo ...
Zen ist nichts Besonderes. Zen ist Alltag. Alltag ist Zen. Im Alltag zeigt sich, was an der Zen-Praxis dran ist. Es geht nicht darum, cool zu sein. Es geht nicht darum, in einer Robe auf einem Kissen zu sitzen und wie ein Samurai auszusehen. Es geht um etwas ganz anderes. Es geht um etwas ganz einfaches. Es geht um dich und mich. Jetzt, hier, in diesem Leben.
Crazy Zen Life

Crazy Zen Life

Brittan Swan/Shannon Kessler

Crazy Zen Life is a podcast for moms, yogis and any lover of life that embraces the daily crazy. Yoga besties Brittany Swan and Shannon Kessler explore the beautiful mess created in your life in a fun light-hearted accepting space. Join them as they dive into the aspects of motherhood, yoga, entrepreneur hustle and all the life in between.
Zen Summer is a Podcast supporting your journey to a healthy mind, body and spirit. We talk about healthy eating, movement, meal prep, Book and author recommendations, meditation, mindfulness, self-awareness. Ready to hit the next level in your life? Ready to feel more fulfilled and excited? Join our community and let's grow together.To find our patreon, our social medias, and our merch check out our linktree: https://linktr.ee/Zensummer
Welcome to our podcast coming to you from the Greater Boston Zen Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with teachers Sensei Ed Obersholtzer, Sensei Jeff Seul, Dharma Holder Julie Seido Nelson, Senior Assistant Teacher Fran Ludwig, and others. Recordings include both full-length teishos (talks) with discussion following and short "encouragement talks." For more information about teachers, events, and practice periods, as well as additional audio files, go to our website: bostonzen.org.
Zen Commuter is about meditation and how it can improve the quality of your life. Thom Walters speaks with acclaimed meditation teachers, authors and everyday practitioners, to help listeners understand how to start a mindfulness habit, as well as keep it going. Along the way he discusses topics that help listeners cultivate a calmer, wiser and happier life. Come join Thom Monday through Friday to deepen your meditation practice.
The Zen Group of Western Australia was founded in 1983 and is affiliated with the Diamond Sangha. Talks by our Zen teachers and Sangha-members can be found here. If you are curious about the Zen Group be sure to visit our home page in the first link below. If you find the podcast useful and would like to help support the recording of these talks please consider making a donation by following the second link and filling out the form.
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James Ishmael Ford is a Zen teacher and semi-retired Unitarian Universalist minister. He has dharma transmission from Houn Jiyu Kennett and Inka Shomei from John Nanryu Ji'un-ken Tarrant. He is the guiding teacher of the Empty Moon Sangha. For more about James: - http://www.jamesishmaelford.com/ For more about the Simplicity Zen Podcast: https://si…
LIVE from Tiki Caliente 13. Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani powered through the four day weekend enjoying every moment. On day 1 we interviewed Rory Snyder the event host during the grand opening of his new bar Le Fern. Also interviewed is Bryan Azorsky of Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club. Its a loud interview with plenty of folks partying in the background. E…
Vandaag is mijn gast voormalig reclameman en nu kersverse zenleraar Gertjan Mulder. Hij was geruime tijd algemeen directeur van de Boeddhistische Omroep en is nog steeds werkzaam als bestuurder en adviseur voor diverse organisaties. Momenteel volgt hij naast zijn werk de opleiding tot Geestelijk begeleider aan de Academie voor Geesteswetenschappen.…
It is laugh or cry — the tragedy of humans in hormonal rage. * * * This is one I did not want to have to write. But owing to the resurgence of mass shootings — emerging to fill the gap, now that the COVID pandemic has cut us some slack — I feel I would be remiss to continue along the lines of treating less controversial dimensions of design thinkin…
Description: Dosho Port teaches with the Vine of Obstacles: Online Support for Zen Training and at the Nebraska Zen Center in Omaha, and he has been practicing Zen since 1977. The Record of Empty Hall is his new translation and commentary on a classic collection of koans by Xutang Zhiyu (1185-1269), an important figure in Ch’an/Zen Buddhism. Port i…
Cathy and Todd process what “every day is a good day” actually means, and how to recognize the challenges of the world and also take care of ourselves in our day to day lives. They also discuss disenfranchised grief (when your grieving doesn’t fit in with your larger society’s attitude about dealing with death and loss) and how to recognize and pro…
This past week I tested positive for the corona virus. Yeah, it was challenging, but after a few days of chills, fatigue and no appetite, I started to get better. It took me an entire week to regain my health, but in the time of recovery, I learned some lessons. And they become clear because of my practice. Sponsors: Amazon.com - Shop Amazon using …
Reigetsu Susan Moon discusses and reads from her new book, Alive Until You’re Dead: Notes on the Home Stretch. Susan’s big question is: How do we live given that we’re most definitely going to die? Susan tells stories from her own life about getting lost, becoming a grandmother, and adopting ancestors from both Zen and Western literary traditions. …
Rev. Shinshu Roberts discusses Dōgen’s Zuimonki 1-13. In this Soto Zen teaching, Dogen encourages us to go beyond our discriminative thinking and Shinshu expresses how this practice helps cultivate gratitude for that which we don’t understand. https://www.oceangatezen.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Shinshu-May-21-Dogens-Zuimonki-Compressed-audio.mp…
A look at the first of the Ten Cardinal Precepts, particularly with respect to the Buffalo mass shooting, abortion, and self-immolation. Teisho by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede. Automated Transcript The post The First Precept: Not to Kill appeared first on Rochester Zen Center.על ידי Rochester Zen Center
This is my second episode on one of the central teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, that all beings have Buddha-Nature (buddhata). I discuss more about what Buddha-Nature is and is not, how we can benefit from this teaching, and in what sense having Buddha-Nature is a good thing even before you awaken to it.…
Norman gives his third talk on "The Four Noble Truths" based on Thich Nhat Hanh's "Heart of the Buddhas Teachings."https://s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/edz.assets/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/19083916/Four-Noble-Truths-Part-3-Thich-Nhat-Hanhs-_Heart-of-the-Buddhas-Teachings_.mp3על ידי Everyday Zen Foundation
Here at MZD we talk all the time about the beautiful healing powers of Nature and the importance of connecting with Nature for mindfulness and personal growth… Well today we’re going to take you on a beautiful Nature trail in Letchworth State park about an hour south of Rochester, New York. Shaped like an ant from a bird’s eye view, this trail offe…
Neste episódio, vamos conversar sobre nosso compromisso primordial, nossa maior responsabilidade: “nós mesmos”. Faremos nossas reflexões a partir do que diz Hammed por Francisco do Espírito Santo Neto no capítulo Contigo Mesmo do livro Renovando Atitudes. Siga-nos no: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/papozenpodcasts/ Instagram: https://www.instag…
This week's episode is hanging on by a thread. After a crazy Derby week, Mother's Day, and way to many cocktails the haze has still not completely been lifted. But, we are here with the the top three headlines that turned our heads. Selling Sunset Shocker. Chrishell Stause revealed an interesting piece of information on the last week's Selling Suns…
“There’s a thousand ways of speaking, infinite understandings, all just inviting you to befriend your unknowing.” - Shitou Xiqian Dave brings us a fresh original translation of Shitou’s timeless, “Straw Hut Song” - a beautiful and deceptively simple piece that moves from a humble nap in the hay to the boundless fringes of everywhere and nowhere at …
After the blues, the good times. Treeleaf Shunryu Suzuki: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind Theme music by Kiku Day. To submit a question, send an email to podcast@zen-of-everything.com. If you like the podcast, please follow in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app, and please rate the podcast.על ידי Jundo Cohen & Kirk McElhearn
Im Mumonkan, Fall Nr. 9, Daitsu Chisho Buddha, wird das Wesen zum Thema, das anteilnehmend das ganze Universum zu durchdringen vermag. Auch Meister Rinzai weist darauf hin, dass wir alle in dem Sinne vereint sind, dass wir in diesem Wesen letztendlich verbunden sind. Und, wie auch Umon betont, geht es für uns darum, unser eigenes Licht zu entwickel…
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