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Canine Counselor Inc

Canine Counselor Inc

Phyllis Smuland Julie Hart

Counseling canines since 1985, Phyllis shares her knowledge amassed from training thousand of pet dogs and their owners. Intended to help dog owners and dog trainers, this podcast will share some of her theories and solutions to common behavior problems. She specializes in challenging cases of aggression, anxiety, and reactivity. She concentrates on changing relationships, mindset, and habits for the dog while using obedience to help the owners transition a newly trained dog to their home.
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Dogs are different and training methods altered to suit the dog will give the best results. What does training according to temperament mean? Listen to this podcast to hear examples of different dogs and how Phyllis trained them all differently to suit their temperamentעל ידי Phyllis Smuland Julie Hart
After talking to several families that adopted dogs that have bit their family members over resources, we decided to record this episode. Learn the dangers of resource guarding dogs with young children, why it isn't normal, what to do with an adopted resource guarder, and why resource guarding should still be tested for during evaluations. For pet …
Phyllis Smuland, the Canine Counselor, discusses beginning signs of fear aggression in puppies and how to help the puppy. She also talks with me about normal dog behavior, resource guarding, how to tell if a fearful dog will progress rapidly, and many other dog training tips. For the dog owner and dog trainer alike, Phyllis' wealth of knowledge wil…
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