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Cheri Jacobus breaks down what's happening in national politics. She gives it to you straight - even when it hurts! No spin - just the raw truth! From the halls of Congress to hitting the cable TV news airwaves with political commentary and launching the only news and commentary site for right-of-center so-called “Never Trump” voices, Cheri Jacobus is a known, trusted, reliable political analyst and operative who is not afraid to be direct. She is the founder, President, and Executive Produc ...
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Craig Unger's main source, former KGB Yuri Shvets, says KGB agents were congratulating each other in 1987 for successfyl "active measures" using Trump. And likely still are high-fiving over Trump.
Politics with Cheri Jacobus Ben Meisales of @MeidasTouch joins Cheri to talk about the 2020 mega-success he and his two brothers have had with their 2020 campaign ads to defeat Trump, de-programming the Trump Cult and what's ahead. 400 ads and more than a half-billion views so far!על ידי Cheri Jacobus
Will NeverTrumpers "rebuild" a new GOP in the post-Trump era from the rubble? Or will they help Biden-Harris and Democrats hold NeverTrumpers in the new coalition the way Reagan Democrats stuck with the GOP for a generation?
President Trump tests positive for the "Chinese Coronavirus Hoax" after mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask. As Amy Coney Barrett prepares for her Senate confirmation hearings, Sophia Nelson talks about how the promise of a Black woman on the Supreme Court will now, sadly, have to wait.
McConnell and Trump dance on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's grave, attempting to ram through a SCOTUS pick after Americans have already begun voting. PLUS: Lunchtime politics' Dr. Ron Faucheux joins Cheri for an update on the polls. David Shimer, author of "Rigged" joins Cheri to discuss his book and 2020 Russian interference. David Shimer is an American hi…
Cheri Jacobus discusses how Bill Barr, Michael Caputo, Ric Grenell, Louis DeJoy -- all were installed for nefarious reasons. When these wholly unqualified, out-of-the-box names pop up for key posts with Trump, they're to destroy us. These are criminals, thugs and traitors. Democrats, law enforcement, and media need to address Trump as a criminal, n…
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