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We have a passion to proclaim Christ to women of all ages and backgrounds. We desire to teach, to encourage and to prepare women for ministry both within the church and in the community. It is our goal to help each woman understand her value in God’s kingdom as well as her unique gifts and purposes in Gods plan for eternity.
The Sages class is the featured class for Senior Adults ages 60 and above, though some younger people have a tendency to sneak in. The teaching in the class is usually a verse-by-verse exposition of various books of the Bible. Currently the class is studying the book of Romans with special emphasis on salvation by faith alone. The class normally starts in a lecture format, but questions and comments from the participants are welcomed and encouraged. Emphasis is placed on how the scripture ca ...
Life and Faith in the Round. The church is strongest as people in a community living side-by-side, centered around Christ, and going out to always widen the circle and bless the world. Our logo reflects this vision with the “C” in the middle representing Chapel as a community centered in Christ and radiating outward with compassion and creativity.
WCBC Chapel Podcast

WCBC Chapel Podcast

West Coast Baptist College

Founded in 1995, West Coast Baptist College is committed to developing leaders with a heart for God who are committed to the Word, compassionate toward the lost, and compelled to change communities for Christ in the twenty-first century. West Coast Baptist College is located north of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley.
Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills presents the uncompromised truth of God’s Word in a real, relevant and practical style. His passion for prophecy, current world news and how they relate to the Bible and your life today is sure to educate, enlighten and motivate you. Pastor Jack Hibbs can be heard daily across the U.S. and around the world on his radio program – Real Life With Jack Hibbs – –
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We start with an update on the virus. Pastor is interested because it may tell us that the end of the age of the Gentiles is upon us.--We have wonderful letters from people who are encouraging pastor and Lori after the death of their beloved Abigale. Thank you for writing us.--Why do we do what we do- And why do we do church like we do it- Pastor r…
This week Pastor Joe Coffey gives the last message in our series on the book of Romans called "10 Sentences to Change Your Life." We focus on Romans 12:2 where Paul gives us something not to do that's easy to do, something to do that's hard to do, and the way to do it.על ידי Christ Community Chapel
Join us as Pastor Fernando Ceballos of Calvary Chapel Vizcaino shares his heart about life as a true believer. Announcements for 11/28/2021: To stay up to date with all church events, download the BulletinPlus (Android version here) app for a comprehensive view of all announcements.
We start today's lecture with a question from Kathleen about the Nephilim. So, we hope you'll enjoy the answer.--We go back to a question that Anna asked, -Why can't we see the spiritual realm-- This is Job 1-2, along with other scriptures. It starts off with God asking Satan a question. Have you considered my servant Job- He says, there is none li…
Pastor Joe Coffey continues our message series in the book of Romans by focusing on Romans 10:14 and reminding us of a few essential truths about the gospel. Everyone starts in the same place, everyone needs to hear the same message, and everyone needs someone to tell them.על ידי Christ Community Chapel
Announcements 11/14/2021: Women's ministry will be having a women's meeting this Tuesday, November 16th. Please be prepared by reading Genesis 15, as we will be focused on Sarah. Our theme verse is Hebrews 11:11. Our Mexico Baja missions trip are taking sign ups! Please see Pastor Tony to sign up today. Download the BulletinPlus (Android version he…
The psalmist refers refers to a period in Israel’s history where the Lord refined His people through intense trials, testing and difficulty. Why does God test us? Is every difficulty we face a test from God? What can we learn from the difficulty and discomfort we experience? Join us in Psalm 66 to learn about the refining process that the Lord take…
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